The XFL returns in February, 2023

The XFL returns in February, 2023 post thumbnail image

The XFL returns in February 2023. The league is scheduled for its third reboot in 22 years. The XFL originally debuted in 2001 amongst stiff competition in the National football league.

The first edition was built on real football but was gimmicky. Not surprising, as the league was founded by Vince McMahon. Vince, founder of the largest and most successful wrestling organization in history was CEO and Chairman. His angle was a faster pace of play than the NFL, with the added elements of entertainment that had been so popular amongst wrestling fans.

There was a problem with that, Vince and the team needed hardcore wrestling fans to suddenly become hardcore football fans as well. If wrestling had a true off-season, and the two sports did not conflict, it may have worked. It did not work, and the XFL sunset after just one season.

McMahon determined to make it work, relaunched the XFL, announcing it in 2018. The league had momentum, and the trajectory appeared to be much better than its first attempt. As bad luck would have it, the COVID-19 pandemic, impacted the XFL like many businesses but was specifically had on those that required people to leave the house and attend events with other people. The XFL died, again.

The XFL returns to a more welcoming fan base

The primary reason is the ownership group. This go-round Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the face of the league. Arguably the most universally liked human on Earth. Many would tell you, if Johnson ran for President tomorrow, he would win. I believe that to be true.

We do not know to what extent Johnson’s involvement will be, but one could assume when the XFL returns to stadiums, televisions, and streams around the country, that there will be a level of excitement we have yet to see for the league.

As someone in a city with an XFL team, I can speak for all of St. Louis, when I say this town was buzzing with excitement about what the Battlehawks were doing, before the abrupt shutdown. St. Louis is anxious to welcome the team back, and all signs point to likely sellout crowds, as it was when the Battlehawks debuted.

The XFL returns with the following teams already formed:  

CityTeam NameHead CoachVenue
ArlingtonRenegadesBob StoopsChoctaw Stadium
Washington D.C.DefendersReggie BarlowAudi Field
SeattleSea DragonsJim HaslettLumen Field
St. LouisBattlehawksAnthony BechtThe Dome at America’s Center
OrlandoGuardiansTerrell BuckleyCamping World Stadium
HoustonRoughnecksWade PhillipsTDECU Stadium
Las VegasVipersRod WoodsonTBD
San AntonioBrahmasHines WardThe Alamodome

The official date of kickoff for the XFL is set for February 18, 2023. This fills a hole for football fans. Shortly after the NFL season expires, the XFL returns. We can’t wait!

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