XFL Draft November 15 – 17

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XFL Draft Week will be held November 15-17 at the UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. XFL leadership, coaching staffs and league football operations will all be in attendance for the inaugural event.

This is an exciting time for a lot of football players. Many from the semi-pro ranks will compete for roster spots amongst the eight franchises.

The XFL expects a plethora of former NFL players to be drafted as well. The 2019 XFL draft produced a ton of former NFL players and practice squad players.

Too many, it may seem like moving from a current NFL practice squad roster position to an XFL roster spot is a step down, but that is not always the case. The average salary for NFL practice squad players is between $207,000 to $358,000. That is not bad coin, but it is important to understand these positions are far from guaranteed, and generally are not as long lasting.

XFL Draft will play out over several days


When: Wednesday, November 16; 8:30 am PT/11:30 am ET

What: Day one will be broken into four positional groupings, with 11 rounds of selections for each grouping.

  • Offensive Skill positions (WR, RB, TE, FB)
  • Defensive Backs (CB, Safety, Nickel)
  • Defensive Front Seven (ILB, Edge, DE, DT)
  • Offensive Line (LT, LG, C, RG, RT)


When: Thursday, November 17, 7:30 am PT/10:30 ET

What: Day two will feature Specialists (Kicker, Punt, Long Snapper), followed by open rounds for all available positions.

A supplemental draft for players currently under contract with another professional football league will occur in early 2023.

XFL Football Operations will conduct a virtual lottery to randomly determine the order for the 2023 Draft. In addition to league personnel, each team will be present and represented by their Director of Player Personnel.

The order of selection for the inaugural draft will be announced on November 14 at 9 am PT/ Noon ET on XFL.com.

The 2019 XFL draft turned out multiple NFL Pro-bowler and exceptionally talented young men. The NFL blood is not the only measurement stick. There were several players from the CFL and other leagues.

Dwayne Johnson had this to say about the XFL draft:

“Sometimes in life all you need is one shot to prove yourself and the XFL provides that chance. These players have been working hard and beating the odds. We have seen their passion at the showcases, we have seen their commitment to the game, and now we – as owners, coaches, and trainers – are in a position to take their game to the next level. I know we have some electrifying ballers in the player pool, and I cannot wait to see them all on the field balling out come training camp in January.”

Those selected in the XFL draft will be compensated well

XFL players that are rostered, and active each week will make a base salary of $5,000 per game, or $50,000 per season. They will also receive a $1,000 bonus for each victory. The first five weeks of the season, all players in training camp will receive $800 per week for training camp. So, a full-time rostered, active player will receive $54,000 per season before any bonuses.

  • $800 per week for training camp (five weeks) 
  • $5,000 per game regular season active list (10 games)
  • $1,500 per week inactive list (10 games)
  • $1,000 per win (active and inactive list)
  • Playoff bonuses for winners and losers of playoff games
  • Significant championship bonus for both winning and losing teams
  • Players will be released following their team’s final game (late April or early May) if they receive an NFL offer.

Housing/meals: The league will house its players in hotels during the season and cover two meals per day (three meals per day during training camp). After figuring in insurance and other benefits, the league estimates that players get an extra $20,000, bringing the total package to about $70,000. $74,000 including training camp.

Other benefits:

  • Three meals and a snack per day during training camp
  • Two meals and a snack per day during the regular season
  • Full health, dental and vision insurance included for players. Option to pay for family members to be covered.   
  • XFL has budgeted for approximately $20,000 per player in fringe benefits

The total package may not be as fruitful or appealing as the NFL, but the staying power for producing players in the XFL should outrun the longevity of practice squad players in the NFL. Some would argue that game snaps in the XFL are better than NFL practice squad snaps for earning a spot in the big boy league.

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