Why the San Francisco 49ers need to go all in on Aaron Rodgers

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It’s no secret Aaron Rodgers was bummed that San Francisco did not draft him in 2005. The 49ers instead opted for Alex Smith with the first overall pick. The “what could have been” in San Fran, with Rodgers under center is anyone’s guess.

Would Aaron Rodgers have more than one Super Bowl ring had the Niners drafted him? That we may never know. Or may we?

Why San Francisco will move on from Jimmy Garoppolo:

  • No trade clause expired in 2021.
  • A high salary for Jimmy’s production is not ideal.
  • Guaranteed pay portion of the contract has expired.
  • Trey Lance would probably be as productive, if not more productive than Garoppolo.
  • While Jimmy has not blown the doors off with his play, he is serviceable, a veteran and will be appealing to more than one team, making him a trade target.
  • If no trade partners arise, San Francisco can also decide to cut Jimmy, which is likely should no trade happen.

Reasons Aaron Rodgers may be interested:

  • Aaron’s spite for the draft situation could be overlooked by teaming up for a winner.
  • What better way to drive it home than steering the first Niners Super Bowl win in 27 years?
  • The uncertainty of the offense in Green Bay would be a non-issue in San Francisco.
  • George Kittle, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk are an upgrade over the GB targets, especially if Davante Adams skips town.
  • Matt Stafford just parlayed this same model into a championship. Rodgers and the 49ers would be a Super Bowl favorite if he were to follow his former NFC North competitor to the west coast.

Reasons Green Bay would consider:

  • Jimmy G can be had cheap. The real prize would be draft picks. Jimmy is a safe play and creates inner-competition with Jordan Love.
  • Jordan Love doesn’t end up on an island, back peddling and digressing at record pace if he struggles, as many expect he will. Being able to hand the ball back to Jimmy is good for Jordan’s growth and development, while still getting some clock. He will never have that opportunity with Aaron around.
  • The Packers have experience here, similar to the Brett Favre ending, they know exactly how this plays out.
  • The teams needs to find out sooner than later what they have in Jordan Love. This only happens with him playing.
  • If Aaron does leave, the Packers figure to add a veteran arm either way. Candidates include: Jameis Winston, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Mitchell Trubisky, Marcus Mariota, Teddy Bridgewater and more. Jimmy G is in this group (via trade, not FA,) – why not package a few beefy picks and Jimmy Garoppolo in exchange for Aaron Rodgers?

Reasons San Francisco would consider:

  • Early round draft picks aren’t as fun as winning the Super Bowl. Ask the Los Angeles Rams.
  • The 49ers were aggressive in pursuing Trey Lance, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be aggressive chasing the back to back MVP.
  • The 49ers instantly become the NFC favorite by swapping Jimmy and Aaron, while returning the offense and most of the defense.
  • Trey Lance learns more under Aaron Rodgers than Jimmy Garoppolo, or anyone for that matter.
  • Signing Rodgers to a 2-year deal could lead his favorite target, Davante Adams to San Francisco in 2023. Assuming the Packers franchise tag Adams next season.
  • The 49ers interchange running backs better than any team in the league, and do so with a subpar QB under center. Imagine the running game with MVP, Aaron Rodgers running the offense. The passing, and running game both get a significant boost.
  • The 49ers are the 2022 Super Bowl favorite with Aaron Rodgers, which should be enough incentive for San Fran to at least check in with Green Bay.

San Francisco receives:

  • Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay receives:

  • Jimmy Garoppolo
  • 2022 second round pick (pick 61)
  • 2022 third round pick (pick 93)
  • 2023 third round pick (pick TBD)

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