Warrior Wrestling announces All-Star cast for “Warrior Wrestling XXI”

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I hope you’re buckled in.

First, the details on where and how to watch:

For tickets to the event, visit: http://warriorwrestling.net/tickets.html

To stream at home, order the show, via FiteTV at: http://warriorwrestling.net/live-streams.html

Show will take place at: Bendix Arena, 120 Doctor M.L.K. Jr Boulevard in South Bend, Indiana. Aril 23rd, 2022.

There will be a VIP Fan Fest from 5-6:30pm with the show kicking off at 7.

Chicago-based Warrior Wrestling has leaked some names for their “Warrior Wrestling 21” show, and are absolutely swinging for the fences with this one. I will update any official matches and performers on here as they are announced.

Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa (Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion)

The Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion, and newly crowned AEW Women’s Champion returns to relinquish her belt. Having a 30 minute draw against Athena at WW19, and defeating both Athena and Skye Blue in a Triple Threat Match at WW20, Rosa is running out of obstacles to overcome. Whatever is in store for her, she won’t go down lightly.

KC Navarro

KC Navarro

“Truly Blessed” KC Navarro brings a rare mixture of youth and experience to the ring. At the ripe age of 22, KC already has 7 years of in-ring experience, with an incredible 200+ matches to his ledger. His last match in Warrior was a loss, but an absolute highlight reel against Speedball Mike Bailey. (I highly recommend you look it up.) I’m very excited for whatever opponent KC gets lined up against.



The ex-NXT star, formerly known as Ember Moon, has wasted no time making her presence felt in Warrior Wrestling. 2 matches in, and all she’s done is push Thunder Rosa to the limits, twice. The first being a 30 minute draw, in which she could have easily been declared the winner given another 90 seconds. The second was no less impressive, as she lost to Rosa again in an 18 minute Triple Threat Match, with Skye Blue. Athena is hungry, and due. Thunder Rosa is at the top of her game. The world awaits.

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay (Warrior Wrestling Champion)

The high flying “Commonwealth Kingpin” claimed his gold at WW17, defeating then-champion Trey Miguel, and Blake Christian in a 3-way match. He then successfully defended his belt against the beast Brian Cage at WW18. The New Japan phenom looks to retain his championship a 3rd time at WW21, and while he’s on a winning streak, I can promise the task at hand will not come easy.

Blake Christian

Blake Christian

It is extremely hard for me to type up a synopsis of Blake Christian without bias, because he is simply my favorite wrestler on the indie circuit right now. Formerly known as Trey Baxter in NXT, Blake has been on a tear lately in Game Changer Wrestling (GWC), putting on main event performances multiple times a month. Whatever matchup we get, Blake will most definitely make his performance a match of the night candidate.

Alex Zayne

Alex Zayne

Okay, I don’t know how this is physically possible. Alex Zayne laid it ALL OUT on the line in his last match in GCW, at “The Coldest Winter,” and had to walk out in absolute pain, with shards of glass in every inch of his body after a Death Match against Jimmy Lloyd. After the pictures he posted on Twitter the next day, I didn’t think we’d see him in action for months, if ever. There’s no way he is at 100%, but even if we get The Sauce God at 70%, we are getting our money’s worth.

This is what we know, for now. I will post any updates here, as they come along.

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