Upcoming Bookings & Appearances for Kody Lane

Upcoming Bookings & Appearances for Kody Lane post thumbnail image
The Southern Flamingo, Kody Lane

You can knock a flamingo down, but you can’t keep him from rejoining the flock and kicking everyone’s ass on his way back to the top, Sugar.

After being out of action for the first half of the summer, due to a bad foot injury sustained in early June, Kody Lane is back in full swing, and wasting no time getting back to putting backs to the mat.

After closing out July with 3 matches in 3 consecutive days to get his beak wet, this is where you can find Kody in action in the coming weeks. (Will update as I find out more.)

-8/5/22: No better way to get back at it, then to go after that gold! First up, Kody is taking on Bryan Keith for his Freelance Legacy Championship in Chicago, IL on August 5th. Show info above. Freelance announced this morning that they opened up about 50 tickets, and are first come, first serve and cash only. Not sold online. If you needed more reason to go than this, WWE legend Mick Foley, Storm Grayson, Effy, Dan the Dad, and Kylie Rae all will be in action or appearing, to name just a few. Card is LOADED. Follow Freelance Wrestling on Twitter at: @FreelanceWres

-8/6/22: Day 2 of this 3 day wrestling bender has Kody taking on the role of Rocky Balboa facing Ivan Drago in Russia, as he goes toe to toe with Iowa’s own Matty Starr, in Knoxville, IA for Madhouse Wrestling’s “Madhouse 2: Outlaw State of Mind” event. Front row for this event is sold out, but you can still email madhousewrestling641@gmail.com for GA tickets at $10. Tickets and merchandise for Madhouse Wrestling can also be purchased at: madhousewrestling.bigcartel.com Follow Madhouse Wrestling on Twitter at: @MADHOUSESLAMS

-8/7/22 Closing out his 3-day binge of mashing faces (not to mention traveling to 3 different states) Kody takes on Atticus Cogar in an exciting Circle 6 World Championship qualifier at “Hoodrat Stuff With My Friends” from Circle 6. This event will take place in Dallas, TX, not far from Kody’s birthplace of Austin. This will be Kody’s 5th match with this hard-hitting promotion, and the mouthy Death Match superstar Cogar won’t exactly make this a pillow fight. This card is PPV worthy, with Zicky Dice, Bryan Keith, Fly Def, Mysterious Q, and Vert Vixen on deck, just to name a few. Tickets for the event can still be purchased for $25, here: bit.ly/c6hoodratstuff(opens in a new tab) For those that can’t make it, will be available for streaming via the TitleMatch Network. For more news on upcoming shows, follow Circle 6 on Twitter at: @Circle6_co

This match is a bit further down the line, but is confirmed and one you won’t want to miss! New Jersey based Bloodstorm Pro Wrestling is bringing their Heavy Metal style of action in a big way, as they’ve announced their “October Rust” card set for 10/8/22, and have kicked it off by announcing their first match. Kody, as well as another St. Louis favorite Anakin Murphy, are making their debuts in BSP, as they square off in a Fatal 4-way Elimination match against the Whisper and Gabriel Syke, every man for himself. There’s already a bunch of action packed matches set for this, so please check them out. For tickets, email Bloodstormpro@yahoo.com to reserve. The event will be streamed on IWTV. Follow BSP on Twitter at: @BloodStormPro1

-9/25/22 Glory Pro Wrestling: Live at the Pageant II. As of this writing, I have no confirmation on a match or appearance for Kody, but he’s a mainstay at every Glory Pro event, and they tagged him for this date on Twitter, so I would be shocked if he isn’t on it. If I get any updates on details, I’ll post them here ASAP.

As always, you’re doing yourselves a disservice if you aren’t following Kody and experiencing his videos/promos. To fix that, follow Kody Lane on Twitter at @VeryKodyLane

Support him and buy his merch, at https://teespring.com/stores/kody-lane

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