The Trubisky signing is a perfect fit for Pittsburgh

The Trubisky signing is a perfect fit for Pittsburgh post thumbnail image

The perfect gap-year signing.

Mitchell Trubisky was streaky in Chicago, but decent with a below average offense. Pittsburgh features some of the best weapons in the AFC, with a solid running game to help cure any passing ailments. Trubisky is a safe play, with a better career TD to INT ratio than half of the NFL.

The Steelers were always going to draft a QB. If the Steelers would’ve pulled off an Aaron Rodgers trade, they still would’ve drafted a QB. In the 2022 NFL draft, the Steelers have picks 20, 52, and 84 in the first three rounds, as well as more in later rounds. They will definitely take a shot at a QB.

“Big” Ben Roethlisberger was really bad last year. The Steelers were competitive because of the coaching staff, offensive prowess and beefy defense. Mitch makes the team better. The addition of Trubisky makes the Pittsburgh Steelers the best team in the AFC North. Two years is perfect. This is plenty of time to determine if he is starter material or a transition to something else. One thing we can be sure of, he will be better than Mason Rudolph.

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