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The “best Free Agent shortstop class ever,” has been a massive dud. There is plenty of time left in the season but sixty plus games in, and none of these guys rank in the top five at their position. Value per dollar, literally no one is blowing the doors off, and none of these front offices can be very happy. The Texas Rangers in a competition with themselves decided to sign two underperforming shortstops and really leave a mark. Marcus Semien signing a 7-year deal for $175 million dollars at age 31 is hilarious, but good for him.

Javier Baez has netted more boos in Detroit than base hits. Trevor Story has had some huge moments for the Boston Red Sox. His 45 RBI are enough to keep Boston fans off his back despite some underwhelming numbers elsewhere. Story will have to get the batting average out of the .220s soon or Boston won’t be so forgiving.

Carlos Correa’s known durability issues are once again a thing. He’s missed 35% of the team’s games thus far. Corey Seager signed a beastly contract for a team that does not seem to know what they’re doing, but like Marcus Semien – good for him.

Take a look below at what 2022 looks like for these guys, so far. Most trailing in all major measured categories in comparison from previous year’s output. (Non-average metrics) I used the statistic divisible over gamed played, then multiplied by 162 games. Injuries play a role. Example: Carlos Correa has played in just 45 of Minnesota’s 69 games.

2022Avg.On Pace – RunsOn Pace – RBIOn Pace – HROPSWAR
Trevor Story.2219811927.7161.8
Carlos Correa.293907618.7931.5
Marcus Semien.223826215.6270.8
Javier Baez.200445312.5610.1
Corey Seager.230867838.7451.6
Through 6/20/2022

Trevor Story.221887524.8011.8
Carlos Correa.2791049226.8507.2
Marcus Simien.26511510245.8737.3
Javier Baez.265808731.8131.9
Corey Seager.306545716.9153.7
End of Year 2021 Season (Finals)

Now the contracts. (Insert grimacing emoji here- EEEEEK)

Trevor Story: 6 Years @ $140 Million

Javier Baez: 6 Years @ $140 Million

Marcus Semien: 7 Years @ $175 Million

Carlos Correa: 3 Years @ $105.3 Million

Corey Seager: 10 Years @ $325 Million

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