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If you are looking for ‘Speed’ Sandra Bullock, ‘Gravity’ Sandra Bullock or even ‘Bird Box’ Sandra Bullock, you will not find that with The Lost City. However, if you are looking for ‘Ocean’s Eight’ Sandra Bullock, that’s about where we are at. We love Ocean’s Eight Sandra Bullock! Classy, funny and elegant.

Channing Tatum is the perfect amount of hunk mixed with vulnerable stud. He is less than untouchable, but still held as the leading man. One thing that separates Lost City from other jungle adventure films, such as Jumanji is the main character. Channing Tatum is so good as the less-than-perfect hero.

Brad Pitt is exceptional, spelling Tatum in the moments he most needs it – filling holes intentionally left open. Sandra Bullock plays on them both very well. Daniel Radcliffe is up to task, and makes for a great, tiny little villain.

All of the elements you have come to expect from an exhilarating jungle adventure film are present. There is no shortage of laughter, unexpected hurdles and time-sensitive missions, with characters clinging to their lives by small strands of hope and unlikely results, narrowly escaping death.

The difference between The Lost City and every Dwayne Johnson film just like it, is the casting. Brad Pitt is an absolute gem. He, in all of his standard glory is hot, funny, deliberate and captivating throughout. Sandra Bullock is classy and unknowingly hilarious. She is forever the superior being without trying to be. Channing Tatum is so good, and this is his perfect role. Tatum absolutely murders this flic as the too-dumb hunk, while being smart, thoughtful, adventurous – radiating kindness and likeability. Da’Vine Joy Randolph is fantastic in every way! A star is born.

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