The Ideal Rebuild for The Packers Receiver Room

The Ideal Rebuild for The Packers Receiver Room post thumbnail image

Sign A.J. Green

A.J. Green would be in heaven catching balls from Aaron Rodgers. Green is currently a fringe Hall of Famer and has never caught a pass from an elite quarterback, minus the Pro Bowl. At age 33, Green is still productive. In the absence of Deandre Hopkins, Green proved he can be the man.

I give a slight advantage to A.J. Green over Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr; and Will Fuller due to their inability to stay healthy. Green has missed time but that is mostly isolated to two seasons. As opposed to the above-mentioned wideouts, who seem to be plagued by at least one injury, annually. I would love to see Green Bay sign Jarvis Landry, but that price tag makes it unlikely. A wide receiver market driven from the middle by the likes of Christian Kirk and Zay Jones are more meaningful on a Landry contract than the top-down, with Davante Adams or Tyreek Hill. Green will be more cost-effective and productive.

Draft Chris Olave

Chris Olave should still be available at pick 22 in the 2022 NFL draft. The Packers were able to get something for Davante Adams, and that is important. Pick 22 comes courtesy of the Las Vegas Raiders. Many consider Chris Olave the best all-around wide receiver in the draft. This is more so the lack of risk with taking Olave middle-to-late first round. Pending he stays healthy, you cannot lose with this pick. Unlike Green Bay’s wide receiver choice last year, in Amari Rodgers, Chris Olave would (Lambeau) leap to the top of the depth chart and make an immediate impact. He played all four years choosing to return when he would have been an early round pick in 2021. Chris Olave is best known for his superb route running, and ability to separate off the line. Remind you of anyone?

Trade for DK Metcalf

Trade pick 28 and pick 53 (from Las Vegas Raiders) for DK Metcalf. The Packers were never going to sign Davante Adams, so assume pick 22, pick 53 and Davante Adams would not have existed. When viewed from that lens what are the Packers actually giving up? Something they were never going to have. Using the picks as leverage to land an established player is just as good as drafting “high-upside” guys. In fact, it is better because it is safer.

Pete Carroll and team are feverishly working on extending DK. Its no surprise they want to wrap this up quickly. With each passing day it becomes more expensive to employ talented receivers. When looking at the contract details, it is easy to see why DK Metcalf is more desirable than his teammate Tyler Lockett. Metcalf’s size, youth and physical gifts also are more appealing than Lockett. Though Lockett is more proven and consistent, he is more expensive as well. DK Metcalf is the literal definition of a bargain, however short-lived that may be. If Seattle is not confident that Metcalf will commit long term, the Seahawks will be in the same position the Packers were with Davante Adams, at which point two early round picks looks pretty good.

If the Packers can pull off two of three above, they are a better offense, even without Davante Adams. This would fix a broken depth chart. There is no doubt that Aaron Rodgers will not comfortably enter next season, or any season with Allen Lazard as WR1 and Randall Cobb as WR2. No offense to either guy, but its not happening. The Green Bay Packers front office is well aware of this, and surely is working hard behind the scenes.

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