The Boys – Season 3

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The time is upon us. Finally! The Boys are back in town. Season 3 premiers June 3, 2022, on Prime Video. Here is a quick catchup. I will limit spoilers for those that are not yet caught up.

First you should know, this is not your ordinary superhero show.

The anti-Superhero squad, The Boys is led by Billy the Butcher. They clash with The Seven (supes). Billy, for good reason (no spoilers) hates The Seven, which is led by Homelander. The Seven is a team of superheroes which are both very gifted and very flawed. Given those flaws they are the most human of superheroes you’ll encounter in film. The Seven is controlled and operated by a large corporation, Vought, which has made them bigger than any movie star or athlete on the planet. Its their show, literally.

Through a highly effective and dangerous narcotic-like chemical, Compound V – Vought has created a form of superhero-super soldier, which as you can imagine, has created some problems. There is plenty of in-fighting amongst the Seven, while Billy and The Boys looks for ways to take them down and regain what he once had.

That is the basic framework. The good guys (superheroes) may be the bad guys. So, the gooder guys, Billy’s team are trying to put an end to the bad guys, while he searches for something/someones deeply important to him, and he will stop at nothing to get it/them back. Make sense? Okay, great.

The Boys is loaded with beautiful, graphic madness: surreal action, diabolical violence, curse words, lude behavior, wild rides, and simply crazy stuff. It is in all its glory, a spectacular show. This is written for someone that has never seen one episode. Stop reading if that is you and get caught up. Everyone else – a preview of season 3 and mini-recap of season 2 on the next page.

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