Tentative Release Date for AEW Console Video Game Announced

Tentative Release Date for AEW Console Video Game Announced post thumbnail image

BIG video game news has dropped today, for wrestling/fighting gamer fans.

As of this morning, there is a tentative internal release date of late September 2022 for the console edition AEW video game. Not many details abound just yet, but we do know there is a story mode planned, and that there IS a publisher attached to the game, but no official announcement as of yet on who.

AEW have already released 2 mobile games, AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing and AEW Elite General Manager, but THIS is what we all have been salivating over.

Obviously, a lot can change between now and the scheduled release date. Keep in mind that there have been tons of new talent coming in these past two months, so they could plan to push back the date to sneak in these new talents, or plan to add them later as downloadable content, or with updates. With the current success of WWE2k22, the TBS/TNT juggernaut AEW has plenty of opportunity here for a successful game or even line of games, as many AEW wrestlers are at the top of the most downloaded characters on WWE2K22, and I can tell you myself that I ONLY bought that game to add AEW guys, to feel like I’m playing a more AEW inspired game. The interest is definitely there, and let’s hope AEW doesn’t rush this. We will keep you updated here as any details come forth.

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