Results from Mission Pro Wrestling – “No Debes Jugar” (You Shouldn’t Play)

by Kyle Faulkerson

-Singles Match: Tiny Tanaily vs Jordan Blade

Blade wins via submission

-Megan Meyers vs Promise Braxton

Braxton wins via pinfall

-Kaun vs J.P. Harlow

Kaun wins via pinfall

-Tag Team Championship match: Bougie Reality (Madi Wrenkowski/Rache Chanel) vs The Renegade Twins (Robyn/Charlette) (c)

Bougie Reality wins via DQ; Renegade Twins retain their belts

(announcement made about MPW collaborating with GCW for “Bangerz Only”

  • -Triple Threat Match: Riley Shepard vs KiLynn King vs Laynie Luck
  • (Laynie Luck vs Dulce Tormenta was scheduled in a singles match; I haven’t heard why that was scrapped, and this match happened.)
  • KiLynn King wins via pinfall
  • -Singles Match: Jody Threat vs Jania Kai
  • *Match goes the 15 minute distance; Extra 5 minutes given*
  • Match ends in a draw after 20 minutes.
  • -MAIN EVENT: Triple Threat Lumber Lager Match – La Rosa Negra vs Jazmin Allure vs Holidead (c)
  • Holidead wins via pinfall to retain championship.

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