Results from Mission Pro Wrestling: “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Results from Mission Pro Wrestling: “Don’t Stop Me Now” post thumbnail image

-On Commentary were Denise Salcedo & Candace Cordelia, making her debut.

-Ruthie Jay vs Mighty Mayra: Mighty Mayra wins by submission

-David Ali vs J.P. Harlow: Harlow wins by submission; after the match, Amanda Rivas comes out and tells him due to his antics and inappropriate music, his pay is being docked.

-Edith Surreal vs La Rosa Negra: La Rosa Negra wins via submission

La Rosa Negra celebrating her victory, and Ruthie Jay embellishing her debut at Mission Pro Wrestling

-Triple Threat Match: Jennacide vs KiLynn King vs Natalia Markova: Jennacide wins by submission on Natalia Markova

(Before the match, KiLynn did a very cool shoutout to a couple in the front row celebrating their 12th anniversary)

-Willow Nightingale vs Shazza McKenzie: Willow Nightingale wins by pinfall (controversial ending, but VERY entertaining)

-Billie Starkz vs Jazmin Allure: Jazmin Allure wins by pinfall

-Mission Pro Championship Match: Holidead (C) vs Delilah Doom: Holidead wins by pinfall

-MAIN EVENT: NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH FOR THE MPW TAG TEAM TITLES: Bougie Reality (Madi Wrenkowski & Rache Chanel) vs The Renegade Twins (Robyn & Charlette): TITLE CHANGE: Bougie Reality win by double submission

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