Results from Defy Wrestling “Wild Ones” 4/30/22

Results from Defy Wrestling “Wild Ones” 4/30/22 post thumbnail image

-Live from Washington Hall in Seattle, WA.

In a partnership with PlutoTv, this was the first ever live streaming event for Defy Wrestling, and they kicked it off with a bang. An action packed card throughout, with Jon Moxley grabbing the mic at the end, to tease the idea that his fellow Blackpool Combat Club partner, The American Dragon Bryan Danielson, may possibly join him at a future Defy event. Results from this amazing show, below.

1) 6 – Man Tag Match: Christopher Daniels & Midnight Heat (Eddie Pearl & Ricky Gibson) vs Adam Brooks, Nick Wayne, & Swerve Strickland)

Winner: Adam Brooks, Nick Wayne & Swerve Strickland

*There was lots of animosity between Swerve & Nick Wayne throughout this match, which could lead to something*

2) Big Damo vs Kevin Blackwood

*This was originaly scheduled to be Damo vs Brody King, who was unable to perform this evening. Damo hand-picked Blackwood to be his opponent.

Winner: Big Damo by pinfall, after delivering a Belfast Blitz to KB. (Damo shakes Blackwood’s hand after the victory as a show of respect)

3) PCW Ultra Women’s Championship Match: Danika Della Rouge (C) vs Kikyo

-This was Danika’s 1st title defense since defeating Viva Van at Defy’s last event, “Defyant Nights.”

Winner: Danika Della Rouge (in controversial fashion, illegally using the ropes)

4) Schaff vs Timothy Thatcher

Winner: Schaff

*Schaff went off on one hell of a rant on the mic afterwards, calling out all indie wrestlers to come to Seattle, and used roughly 97 curse words in the process*

5) Steve Migs w/ Ethan HD vs El Phantasmo

-El P threw his shirt into the crowd, twice, because the crowd threw it back into the ring

-Ethan HD did a “double turn,” first turning on Steve Migs, by taking off his shirt to reveal a Bullet Club shirt, then turning on El P by taking off that shirt, to reveal a Steve Migs one.

Winner: Steve Migs

6) DEFY Tag Team Championship Match: Bollywood Boyz (C) (Harv & Girv Sihra) vs C4 (Cody Chhun & Guillermo Rosas)

-Bollywood Boyz put double Sharp Shooters on, as they locked up both members of C4 simultaneously for a double tap-out

-Crowd was equally into both teams, and Bollywood Boyz are extremely over.

Winners: Bollywood Boyz

7. Main Event: Jon Moxley vs Tom Lawlor

-this was as bloody as you would have expected, and a 5-star main event match

Winner: Jon Moxley

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