Results for River City Wrestling: DAMN! from 7/3/2022

Results for River City Wrestling: DAMN! from 7/3/2022 post thumbnail image

Below are the details and results from RCW: “DAMN!” from the Grand Event Center in San Antonio, Texas over this past July 4th weekend, which can be watched/replayed via the Title Match Network with a monthly subscription.

-Joe Galli & “Handsome” Javi Perez were the commentary team, and were spectacular.

-Owner Brandon Oliver introduced our guest for the event, WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons. Ron came out and thanked the Texas crowd for always supporting him throughout his career, and after playfully teasing, gave a “DAMN” before exiting.

-Oliver announced before the event kicked off that our usual ring announcer, Carolina Teague was on a “Special Assignment” (as seen below) and tonights announcer would be Felicia Extreme, who did a wonderful job in Teague’s place.

-JP Harlow w/Joey Hyder vs Vic Endurance w/Jeremiah

Winner: Harlow wins via pinfall. (Hyder went after Jeremiah outside the ring, and with Endurance focused on the safety of his manager, Harlow pulled a rollup for a 3 count at the end.)

-Sheeva Queen vs The Queen of Twerk; The Queen of RCW; Too Hot For Instagram, Katie Forbes

Winner: Katie Forbes via pinfall. This was Sheeva’s first match in 9 years. Defining moment was when Sheeva punched Katies backside, and obviously severely injured her arm/wrist, to which Katie took advantage of. The win gives Katie a 3 match win streak in singles competition. She’s firmly in the Women’s Title picture, which is currently held by Madi Wrenkowski

-Luis Spartan Ramirez & a “Mystery Partner” vs Studstache & Jess E James

*King Rob Love joined the booth for commentary, as he’s in a feud with Ramirez. The Mystery Partner was “The Fashionista” Devin Carter

Winner: Jess E James & Studstache by submission. Rob Love interfered to divert the attention of Spartan, and Jess E James got a sleeper hold on Carter for the submission.

-Cameron Cole vs Kaun

*Cole came to the ring boasting his Reality of Wrestling (ROW) Texas Championship belt, though this was a non-title match.

Winner: Kaun by pinfall. The Cameroonian turned an Alabama Slammer into a Pedigree with 15 seconds left on the match timer to secure the victory. After the match, Kaun grabbed the mic on his way up the ramp. Stemming from a time limit draw at RCW: “Mania” in April, Kaun said his former opponent Westin Blake had him doing some soul searching these past few months, and questioned quitting the business. He turned that into a challenge proposal of an “I Quit” match on September 11th.

-Pillars of Destiny (Hunter Grey & Paul Titan) vs “Adorable” Anthony Andrews & Casey Blackrose w/manager Logan

Winner: Andrews & Blackrose (initially). Andrews had both his feet illegally in the ropes for leverage on the pin. Brandon Oliver came out to correct this, fired the referee, who he claims was being paid off by Logan, and restarted the match with a new, fair ref, to which this time the former tag team champs the Pillars of Destiny came out victorious after Anthony Andrews left Casey Andrews to dry.

-Ki Vibez vs Alejandra Lion w/manager Nastico

*Ring announcer Felicia Extreme announces that this is now scheduled to be a Triple Threat Match, with new entrant Emmy Camacho as the third wrestler; Nastico joined the commentary team, which is always a treat.

-Winner: Alejandro Lion via pinfall. Ki Vibez hit her “Vibe Killer on Camacho, but Alejandro threw her out of the ring to steal her shine, and the victory, rolling up Emmy Camacho for a 3-count.

-Kiss My Foot Match: King Rob Love vs Luigi Primo

Winner: King Rob Love by pinfall. Luigi hit the Pizza Cutter to seemingly have the match won, but Studstache interfered to gain Luigi’s attention, and Rob Love delivered a Piledriver for the win. Jess E James & Studstache joined post-match to hold Luigi accountable for the foot-kiss, to which an unconscious Primo delivered. Love wasn’t done with the disrespect, and went to Powerbomb Luigi, with but luckily Luis Spartan Ramirez and Devin Carter rushed down for the save.

-RCW International Championship Match: Branden Vice vs David Kidd (C)

-1st title defense for David Kidd

Winner: David Kidd wins via Disqualification. Kidd hit the Extra Credit (stunner) and was about to retain the belt in clean fashion, but Anthony Andrews came out to interrupt the pin. (Kidd defeated Andrews in March at RCW: Smokeshow to take this belt off him.) Vice & Andrews attack Kidd further, but have words with each other, setting up a possible feud.

-RCW Tag Team Championship Match: DFW Kartel (Angel Camacho Ocho Camacho) w/Nastico (C) & vs The Texas Treats (“Cocky” Chris Marvel & “Delicious” Don Juan)

-The current tag champions, are Angel Camacho and Lou Gotti. According to Nastico, Gotti got into a fight with a tiger and had his arm chewed off. In his place, straight out of prison, Ocho Camacho would be filling in, and because Nastico doesn’t believe in the Texas tradition of the Freebird rule, this match would no longer be for the tag titles.

-Brandon Oliver again comes to the ring to discuss the matters. Oliver says the customers that paid their hard-earned money deserve a title match, as well as do the Texas Treats, who last won the tag titles here in RCW 13 years ago, and are looking to make RCW history. Freebird rule, now back in effect.

Winners: The Texas Treats, now 4X RCW Tag Team Champions, and first time since 2009. After Nastico ruined a 3 count for the Treats, pulling the referee out of the ring, the Treats get Camacho to wipe out himself and Nastico, leaving Ocho as the only man left. Don Juan hits an elbow drop to finish Ocho and bring back home the belts. David Kidd comes to the ring to join and celebrate.

After the match, Brandon Oliver comes out to thank the sponsors, and does a giveaway of Rob Van Dam CBD Gummies. (RVD did a video promo earlier in the night after his wife Katie Forbes match, and said she’d be selling some at the event.

-*MAIN EVENT* RCW Championship Match: Gino Medina vs Mysterious Q (C)

Rematch from their bout at RCW: Mania; Mysterious Q’s 2nd title defense.

Winner: Mysterious Q retains via pinfall. Very entertaining main event. Medina had answers for every offensive attack from Q, and hit a Meet DaFeet (great name for a finisher) that Mysterious shook off like only a champion can. After Medina got overzealous and grabbed his patented red folding chair to take out his frustrations, Mysterious hits the Q-Cutter to retain the RCW Championship.

Sponsors for the event:

Livestream was sponsored by Torres Irrigation.

Gino Medina & Casey Blackrose -Gloria Torres

Mysterious Q – Off The Top Ropes podcast (@ottrmob on Twitter)

Sheeva Queen – Encyclopedia Carl & Shawn Belcher

Ki Vibez & Nastico – Bozo Sports

Jeremiah – Raul’s Sports Store

Luis Spartan Ramirez – Christopher “BooBoo” Martinez

Jess E. James – Torres Irrigation

David Kidd – Amanda & Seth Nugent

Studstache – Rebel Hair Parlor

Logan – Big Juice’s Baps (United Kingdom)

Branden Vice – Eamon Condon

For future sponsorships, direct message RCW on Twitter at: @rcwforever

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