Recap & Results of “Bangerz Only” from Mission Pro Wrestling

by Kyle Faulkerson

Mission Pro Wrestling: “Bangerz Only,” part of the GCW Collective 2022.

April 2nd, 2022 from Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

Veda Scott & Denise Salcedo were our commentators, and were an excellent team.

-Singles Match: Janai Kai vs Shazza McKenzie (this was originally scheduled to be Janai vs Tasha Steelz)

Shazza came out in pink shimmer, with Janai in the all-business black martial arts attire.

We had lots of ground grappling to start, from these two brawlers. Shazza pulled off some smooth Snapmares, while the Kick Bandit unsurprisingly hit lots of feet to face gestures, in taunting fashion early. After a few minutes of warmup, Janai hits a variation of a Dragon Sleeper that I’ve never seen, followed by a double roundhouse kick, that knocks out both fighters. Some outside the ring strikes from each for a bit, before we get back in the ring, and Shazza hits a fluid crossbody off the top rope, then goes for stunner attempt, which Janai avoids. Shazza then hits a suplex and turns it into a Shazz-Mission. Janai reaches for the edge for a rope break. After coming back to full awareness, Janai hits a Full-Nelson slam. Shazza gets to her feet to attempt her finisher, the Shazztastic Stunner, but Janai sees it coming and counters it with a vicious Spinning Heel Kick to Shazza’s skull, and gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Janai Kai by pinfall

-Intergender Singles Match: J.P. Harlow (w/ manager Ayla Fox) vs Allie Katch

The Man of Mission Pro vs the Queen of GCW. Harlow was in red & black trunks, and Allie seemed to have on new gear that I’d never seen before. Pink instead of her usual soft purple. These two do NOT like each other, and there was no slow, feel each other out process. Some immediate tussling from both, and a quick School Girl attempt from Allie. Allie had some words for Ayla, which J.P. capitalized on and went to work on her in the corner. Gritty stomps to the chest and throat. He then turned in 2 fierce suplexes, and a few slaps, which the crowd began to let him hear it about, before hitting a sick Death Valley Driver. After Allie got some offense going, Ayla got some interference in while the ref was turned. Allie shakes this off and hits a big splash in the corner, to fire up her arsenal. She goes coast to coast once, with a booty bomb to the face (at least that’s what I call it) then wound back up and hits her crowd favorite, and highly agile, rolling thunder cannonball flip. J.P. tries to bounce back, and after avoiding a Bussy Driver, hits a hanging DDT off the top rope. He goes to hit a splash against the ropes, Allie moves out, and manager Ayla is standing on the other side of the ropes. J.P. has to pump the breaks, which leaves him open for a Bussy Driver, which this time Allie connects on, and scores the victory.

Winner: Allie Katch by pinfall

Singles Match: Jody Threat vs La Rosa Negra

Jody was in all-black leather, while La Abusadora was in all-orange shimmer.

Jody looks every bit ferocious and anxious for a fight. Rose is a ball of energy, coming out beaming, and dancing with fans.

The two both work the crowd a bit, as now the audience has really gotten going, into our 3rd match. Lots of holds and locks, both women showing their ring skills to start. Rosa really uses her hip strength to wiggle out of these, to the dismay of Jody. A cross arm breaker attempt by Jody is the first real scare for La Rosa Negra, as she finds a way to somehow get taller inching her way for a rope break. Rosa then mirrors this with an arm breaker of her own, to which Jody then mirrors that same rope break block. Rosa takes Jody to the corner for some bass-thumping chops to the chest and midsection, before Jody becomes the aggressor. She connects on a dig-kick to Rose’s spine, followed by 2 splashes and a Suplex, and goes for a quick cover, to just get a 2-count. Jody has some chops for Rose, but she sneaks in an eye gouge, then goes on offense with an axe kick to Jody’s midsection, then a nasty Haymaker to take her down. She then hoists up Jody and spins her around on her shoulders SIX full times and hits her with a thumping Samoan Drop. She quickly lifts her up again, and drops her onto the 2nd turnbuckle, head first. Rose goes to the top rope, and we’re all thinking it’s time for the Rose Splash (her version of the Frog Splash) but she notices Jody is starting to get up, so dives in for a quick cross-body, and gets a 2-count. Jody hits a Big Boot, then a clothesline and gets a 2 count. Rosa takes Jody over the ropes with a clothesline, then hits a Tope Suicida through the middle rope to the floor. She hits some strikes on the outside, then goes back into the ring for a 2nd successful Tope. Jody isn’t done however, and hits a cannonball from the ring apron to the floor. She comes in next with a Cutter, and gets another 2-count, her seemingly 12th of the match. After taking a Facebuster from La Rosa Negra, Jody hits one more German Suplex for what she thinks is the coffin nail. Rosa gets up and sneaks in her Rose Splash, but the impact is so deep, that she bounces up and Jody flips her over for a rollup count to 3 to steal the win.

Winner: Jody Threat by pinfall

-Tag Team Match: Bougie Reality (Rache Chanel & Madi Wrenkowski) vs the Bionic Kingdom (KiLynn King & Jennacide)

Bionic Kingdom come out to a nice guitar solo, and have Legion of Doom-esque themed attire on. Madi & Rache have their leopard print fashionista style on, with Madi rocking her innovative 1 full pant leg, 1 shorts style leg.

Madi and KiLynn square off first. The Mother Effing King uses her size advantage from the jump, hitting a shoulder tackle and roughs up Madi a bit. Jennacide and Rache jump in, Jennacide continues the roughage King had started. Both teams scrap a bit outside the ring. Bionic Kingdom throw Bougie Reality back into the ring, lift them up on their shoulders, and give them simultaneous Face Busters. Bougie don’t stay down for long, and after taking them down, give them a makeover, in which they actually take grooming products from Rache’s bag and apply hair spray, and comb their hair, in pompous fashion. It’s actually very entertaining and on-brand with their gimmick. The two then work on KiLynn King in the corner for easily a few minutes, smartly isolating her in the opposite corner, keeping her away from her powerhouse tag partner in the other corner, and keeping a tag out of the question. Both members of Bougie get pin attempts, that hit 2. King finally muscles out and slams Rache Chanel, and crawls to a fresh Jennacide. After some boots to the face and strikes, Jenna catches Madi in mid-air and hits her with a Sidewalk Slam that moves the ring. She tries to cash in on the punishment, but Madi kicks out of 2 pin attempts. Madi avoids getting hoisted up for a big move from Jenna, and hits a leg scissors, “The Reality Check,” and gets the 3 count on Jennacide.

Winners: Bougie Reality (Madi Wrenkowski/Rache Chanel)

-Singles Match: Masha Slamovich vs Lindsay Snow

Here we had the young Russian Dynamite vs one of Jay Lethal’s finest students.

This was an absolute strike fest from the second the bell hit. They quickly go outside the ring, and the Skinripper (Masha) pulls Lindsay’s hair, and turns it into a thudding Snapmare, then threw her into the ring apron face-first, out of a Piledriver type hold. Something I’ve never seen, nor care to be on the receiving end of. Lindsay then shows what she’s made of, attempts an ankle lock on BOTH ankles, one at a time. Masha shakes those of and connects a heavy Lariat to take her down, then hits a twisting Fallaway Slam, to get a 2-count. Lindsay pulls out DDT to stop the offense momentarily, flings herself from the 2nd rope with a cross-body, then winds up for a running knee. Masha comes back from this and hits a nasty Brainbuster, and adds to the combo with a Buzzsaw Kick. Lindsay gets taken to the top rope but overcomes this offensive onslaught, and takes Masha off the top for a Muscle Buster for the 3 count.

Winner: Lindsay Snow

-6 Woman Tag match: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) + Laynie Luck vs The Renegade Twins (Charlette & Robyn) & Jazmin Allure

Robyn & Allysin to start. An early arm bar followed by some ground & pound from Allysin. Marti tags in and gets a sprinters running knee. She doesn’t stop there as she hits the 3 Amigos to Jazmin Allure (3 consecutive Suplexes) upon her tagging in. Laynie tags in and hits an extremely athletic running double knee to a jaded Jazmin Allure sitting in the corner. The Twins have had enough and they start hitting some chops on Marti Belle. With Marti now as the legal woman, Jazmin goes to work on her with boots to her throat as she lays in the corner. A chin lock, followed by an elbow drop from Jazmin, gets a 2-count from the ref. Marti has no sunrise in sight, as the Twins and Jaz continue to bludgeon her in the corner with chokes and knees to the face. This went on for 3-4 minutes, as Marti laid there helplessly. Marti finally gets her energy up to tag in Allysin, who comes to the rescue and immediately cleans house, laying out both Twins and Jazmin. Laynie and Jaz tag in, and we get to see some exciting offense from these two. Laynie hits a snap suplex, and the two melee for a bit. Marti comes back in, only to receive an awesome Stunner from Jazmin Allure, one i’ve rewatched 3 or 4 times. One of the cleanest stunners you’ll ever see. One of the bright young heels in the game today, Jazmin hits a rolling through move between Laynie’s legs, to roll her up, and with her legs on the ropes for leverage (illegally) digs into a deep cover for a 3 count. (HEAVY boos ensue from the crowd) I’d say Jazmin is over. This feud however, is not.

Winners: The Renegade Twins & Jazmin Allure

-Singles Match: Trish Adora vs Thunder Rosa

La Mera Mera and the Afro Punk respectfully have a shake of hands before they square off.

The first minute, we had numerous hold & locks, countered by both, to show off their athleticism, neither lady getting a leg up on the other. Rosa goes for a Full Nelson attempt, which Trish counters into an Arm Lock. Rosa gets going into the offense with a running elbow into the corner, followed by a Snapmare that results in a BIG clothesline take down. Trish slows down this onslaught with some arm bars and takes her into the corner for some big chops to the chest. Thunder sneaks in a quick Snap Suplex for a 2-count. Trish gets going with a Suplex of her own, then applies a deep Sleeper hold. Thunder Rosa then digs deep into her bag, and hits a Cats Cradle hold, where she’s laying on her back, stretching out Trish above her in a dome-shape, pushing all Trish’s tendons to their limits. Trish rebounds from this, gets in a few strikes of her own and a Snapmare. Rosa then shows us why she’s AEW Women’s champion. A howling Stunner, followed by a double knee strike from the top rope connects, then she caps off the move-set with a Northern Lights Suplex. Thunder gives Trish a Gory Special, and gets a 2-count. (I then puff my inhaler). We get a few pin attempts from each, Trish fighting back in desperation. Thunder hits a Russian Sweep, then rolls Trish head first into a submission and gets Trish to tap, after an all-gas match from both.

Winner: Thunder Rosa by submission

-MAIN EVENT for the MPW Championship: Holidead (C) vs Lufisto (No Disqualification Match)

This one definitely lived up to the billing.

Huge size advantage for Holidead, visually, but the 25 year veteran and First Lady of Hardcore erased that from your mind quickly.

Holidead takes initiative first, with a power slam and a Hulk Hogan-like leg drop. The two go outside the ring, and Lufisto digs into the hardware early, pulling out some steel chairs, and a wooden door. She takes one of these chairs, and gives Holi a nice love tap over the back, and kindly flings her into the ring post (I hope you catch the sarcasm). Some offense from both, and we go back inside the ring. Holidead hits Lufisto with an Avalanch Slam in the corner, which sets up a Backbreaker. With Lufisto reeling outside the ropes, sitting on the apron, Holidead turns Lufisto into LuFEAST-O, and starts biting her skull. With LuFEAST-O a bit weary, Holidead hits a Tope Suicida, which garners some ring crew assistance to check on her. Holidead continues the carnage, and Suplexes her into a stable of 4 chairs that Lufisto had begin to set up a few minutes earlier.

We go back to the ring. Holidead places a chair on Lufisto’s head, as she lies there in recovery mode, and hits another leg drop. After Lufisto goes on the offensive, and gets Holidead laying in the corner, she places a chair on her, and connects with a running cannonball. Lufisto (who has since set up the wooden door laying from the corner of a turn buckle, to the mat) then Suplexes Holidead through the door. This COULD have been it, but Lufisto then sets up a pile of chairs in the middle of the ring, to further dismantle the champion. Holidead isn’t just going to hand over her belt, and she re-energizes and Sidewalk Slams Lufisto in the pile of chairs, resulting in a 2-count. In the grittiest/nastiest move of the afternoon, Lufisto plants Holidead face first into an upright standing chair. While laying across the chair, with her face exposed on the other side, Lufisto smashes a chair across Holidead’s face, with a homerun swing full of evil intentions, that somehow only results in a 2-count. The First Lady of Hardcore sets up another door over a ring corner. She grabs a chair and is holding it in the corner, trying to power up for another strike. Holidead then kicks a chair like a battering ram into the chair Lufisto is holding, dropping her to the mat. The champs then scoops her up like a paper towel, and carries her across the ring to deliver a SpineBuster through the door. Lufisto is out cold, and Holidead gets the cover to retain the MPW championship.

Winner: Holidead by pinfall

Immediately after the win, Holidead grabs the mic and orders all the ladies of the Mission Pro Team to the ring. She gives an awesome speech, giving credit to Lufisto, while also expressing Lufisto has been doing this since women were only booked for “T & A matches,” and that women are no longer the “popcorn match or the bathroom break.” An incredible exclamation point on a statement card by these women, and an even more exciting bridge to the future events of Mission Pro Wrestling, starting with their next event, “Living on the Edge” on April 16th.

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