Recap & Results from Pale Pro Wrestling: “Exodus”

Recap & Results from Pale Pro Wrestling: “Exodus” post thumbnail image

May 7th, 2022 from the Grace Preparatory Academy in Arlington, Texas

Big Plo & Chris Russo were our guides on commentary, hosted by the lovely Brittani Houghtlen.

Nastico, with Cam Cole, Travis Titan, and Angel Camacho

Nastico kicked off the show, entering with his stable of Angel Camacho, Travis Titan, and Pale Pro Champion, Cam Cole to inform the Texas crowd that he is the best manager in all of Texas, and reminds him that he is the GM of Pale Pro for this reason. Cole grabs to mic to gloat that he is the best Pale champion of all time.

-Singles Match: Mysterious Q vs Shane Taylor

This match came to shape after Taylor came out to try and persuade Q to join Shane Taylor Promotions after his match last time around at “Revelations,” to which Q declined. This match was a rare case in Q’s career, where he was somehow the smaller man, with Shane Taylor coming in at 335 pounds of man. Mysterious displayed his pent-up rage out of the gate, peppering Shane with punches and strikes. He hit an early Tope Suicida to Taylor, then got over anxious and went for a 2nd, which Taylor denied with a monstrous punch, which he turned into a DDT, dropping Q to the gym floor. Taylor then took advantage after some strikes, and a rear naked chokehold, to take the air out of MQ. Q then gets a 2nd wind, hits a German Suplex and a Springboard Enziguri, which he launched into an impressive Q Cutter (A variation of Jay Lethal’s “Lethal Injection.” Shane made sure this offensive onslaught was Q’s last of the match, however, hitting a Popup Spinebuster, and a Saito Suplex, which he then cashed out into a Package Piledriver, to get the 1-2-3.

Winner: Shane Taylor by pinfall

-Singles Match: Gideon Vane vs Apex (originally scheduled to be vs Isaiah Bronner)

Gideon comes out first with the mic in his hand, to instantly dis the fans of Texas, and issue an open challenge to anyone in the back, which is instantaneously answered by Apex. A test of strength to start the action. Vane hits a missile dropkick for the first meaningful impact move, and he’s basically in control for the first 3 minutes of the match. Apex hits a sidewalk slam, but is then met with an offensive onslaught from Gideon. With Apex’s legs hanging on the top rope, Vane holds up Apex with a front face-lock, and turns it into a twisting cutter, to secure the victory.

Winner: Gideon Vane by pinfall

-Singles Match: Ryan Davidson vs Kaun

Announce team mentions that Kaun is now managed by Tully Blanchard Enterprises. Like he usually does, Kaun goes right to work. A dragon screw and lots of offensive pummels, and he hits a reverse cutter from the top rope on Davidson. Ryan has either hurt, or re-injured his leg, and is noticeably limping, but toughens up to hit a scoop slam on Kaun, followed by an athletic spinning power slam, to get a 2 count. Davidson gets a little overzealous and heads to the top rope, where Kaun wipes him out, then delivers a picture perfect Pedigree for the 3 count.

Winner: Kaun by pinfall

*Kaun extends his hand after the match, then takes it back when Ryan extends and pummels him, putting him into a half-crab on his injured leg. Izzy James comes to the ring to aid Ryan, to let Kaun know that’s not how they do business in Texas with that lack of respect. The Guttersnake calls out Kaun to a rematch for July’s event, and says whether or not he is victorious, Kaun WILL shake his hand afterward.

-Singles Match: Travis Titan w/Nastico vs Davey Richards

Two men that are just in top shape on display here. Lots of athleticism and technical moves from both athletes from the start. Davey puts Titan in a half Tequila Sunrise/Half Cloverleaf. To show off his own strength, Titan lifts Davey from a deadlift and delivers a Gutwrench Suplex. Davey then goes to his bread and butter, his kicks. He hits his patented double stop across Travis’s chest while laying on the ground, then hits three high kicks in a row, and gets Titan in an ankle lock. Titan pulls off an impressive running knew to the face, and turns that into a cross-face attempt. Davey hits Brainbuster and goes to lock Titan into a 3rd ankle lock attempt, which alarms Nastico enough to step in and throw in the towel for his client, giving the American Wolf the victory. After this fiasco, Davey offers Titan a rematch, so they can fight like men to settle this. Titan appears to walk towards Richards to shake, then slaps him across the face and runs out with Nastico. This is far from over.

Winner: Davey Richards by Technical Submission

-Singles Match: Malico vs Fuego Del Sol

Fuego comes out first, in an AEW shirt, and grabs the mic to surprisingly hype up and encourage Malico, and says he deserves to be on television making millions of dollars. Fuego also recently had neck surgery, and has a very exposed wound on his neck. High-paced offense from Fuego immediately, hitting a Hurricanrana right away and takes the match outside the ring. Malico blocks an early Tornado DDT attempt, and pulls out a steel pipe. (Malico has vocalized in recent months his disdain for masked wrestlers, and that he will be on a quest to take them all out.) Realizing that this would be an automatic DQ, Malico restrains himself and tosses the pipe aside. After blocking a 2nd Tornado DDT attempt, Malico connects on a modified Jackhammer. With Fuego heading to the top rope, assuming to attempt another Tornado, Malico climbs up and hits Del Sol with a Super JackHammer from the top rope, that looks to all but end Fuego, but he somehow kicks out at 2. Fuego then starts up an offensive series. With Malico leaning in the corner in frustration, Fuego grabs Malico’s leg that he’s extended for a kick. What we see next, is maybe the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in wrestling, and will be talked about for years to come. Del Sol falls back, with Malico’s leg coming off in his hands. Obviously stunned, Malico grabs his leg, and hits a Big Boot with this same leg to Fuego’s face, which he’s since called the “HammerFoot,” and knocks out Del Sol cold for the pin. The Leader of the Madworld then walk out with his leg over his shoulders in one of the most jaw-dropping, yet respect-earning moments I’ve ever seen.

Malico then followed this up with one HELL of an interview/promo. This guy is just an absolute gem of a performer.

Singles Match: Angel Camacho w/Nastico vs Jay Alexander

This matchup couldn’t have possibly had 2 men with different physiques. Jay Alexander “The Purveyor of Punishment” is an ex Arena League Football player and BodyBuilder, and Angel Camacho “The Latin Destroyer” looks like exactly that.

Angel has total domination to start, with the help of some dirty antics by Nastico. Alexander flashes his athleticism for a bit, showing us just how talented he is, to match his flawless physique. He hits Angel with a clean Tope Suicida through the second rope. Angel hits Jay with a Super Punch, to set up the Camacho Bomb. Angel goes to the top rope to connect, and Jay does the unthinkable, and counters it with a Power Bomb of the 450 pound Camacho from the top rope, which I’m 100% sure shook my television. Did I mention that Jay Alexander is a very strong man?

Winner: Jay Alexander by pinfall

-Singles Match: Richard Holliday vs Korey O’Neal

MLW’s “The Most Marketable Man in Wrestling” Richard Holliday takes on a Texas fan-favorite, and one of White Claw chuggin Chilly Boys, Korey O’Neal. (Korey also comes out to Sum 41’s “Fat Lip,” which I personally love.) Korey connects on the first impact move of the match with a big GutWrench. Richard hits Korey with a nasty Side Russian Leg Sweep on the gym floor, and leaves Korey there hoping for a 10 count, which he avoids at 9. Korey then flashes his offense hitting a Vertical Suplex and a Saito Suplex back to back. Korey heads to the top for his finisher, The Chilly Bomb, but gets countered into a SpineBuster by Holliday. Korey hits a Ripcord Clothesline then a Pop Up Powerbomb, reminiscent of Kevin Owens. After some jostling, Holliday hits O’Neal with a Superkick, then a Market Crash for the win. We think we are getting to see the first actual handshake of the night, as Holliday extends to Korey….only to strike him. The Chilly Boys run in to rescue their friend. Holliday grabs the mic to insult the Texas crowd, saying “These people don’t belong in the same building as me.” He calls Texas “Richard’s Country” and says he will be back in July. Holliday proves to be one hell of a heel, further evidenced by his post-match interview with Rodie Jon, below.

Winner: Richard Holliday by pinfall

-MAIN EVENT: Hair vs Career Match for the Pale Pro Championship

Cameron Cole (C) vs Chandler Hopkins

(If Cam loses, he has to leave Pale Pro Wrestling, and has freshly bleached blonde hair for this spectacle)

Chandler comes out to his staple Kid Rock “Cowboy” music.

If you’ve never seen either of these 2 men before, it’s obvious within seconds that we couldn’t have asked for two more athletic and skill performers for our main event. Feeling out process to start, with both men showing off their ring-shape and skill set. Cam plays a bit of hide and seek and runs around outside the ring in heel fashion, making it clear to The Young Gun that he’s going to have to come and earn this title. Hopkins hits some chops and then a Springboard Enziguri. Hop then gets Cole locked into a Sharpshooter, which Cam muscles out of. After a failed top rope knee strike, Hopkins comes out full steam ahead for a Tope Suicida on Cameron. Cole shows he’s champ for a reason, and hits a 1 armed DDT and turns that into a Lateral Press. Hopkins hits a Flatliner that made me jump out of my seat. Not to be outdone, Cam hits a Code Breaker from the top rope for a 2 count. As Nastico tries to interfere, Hopkins takes him out, hits another Springboard Enziguri on Cam, setting up the Shooting Star Press. Hopkins hits it in perfect fashion, to dethrone Cole, ending his 320+ day run as Pale Pro Champion. (I got just as many goosebumps writing this as I did watching it.)

Will Allday enters the ring. Hopkins asked just what exactly brings him to the ring. Allday says he wanted to come congratulate The Young Gun and that it couldn’t have happened to a better performer. The two then take turns shaving the head of the fallen champ to further humiliate him, to the crowds delight.

This closes out our incredible night of wrestling that was “Exodus.” Pale Pro’s next event “Judges” is scheduled for Saturday July 2nd, 2022 returning to Grace Preparatory Academy in Arlington, Texas. Bryan Keith is making his debut, with Fuego Del Sol, Izzy James, Shane Taylor and many others set to return, as well as Chandler Hopkins making his first title defense against Richard Holliday!

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