Preview, Match Card, and Event Details for St. Louis Anarchy: “Fight To Live”

Preview, Match Card, and Event Details for St. Louis Anarchy: “Fight To Live” post thumbnail image

St. Louis Anarchy – “Fight To Live”

Friday, May 6th 2022

405 E 4th Street in Alton, IL

Pre-show starts at 6pm Central, show to start at 7pm.

After pumping out a spectacular show last month with “Motivation,” SLA is back with another exciting event, “Fight To Live,” slated for May 6th.

The match card is full of beef, and we have some exciting debuts, as well as some match-ups happening for the first time.

First and foremost, here’s how you can support St. Louis Anarchy and this event.

Tickets are available, here (only general admission remain):

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And now, the fun part. Here are the confirmed matches and wrestlers appearing at “Fight To Live”:

-Intergender Singles Match: Kody Lane vs Billie Starkz

For anyone that follows me on Twitter, I literally have “Book Kody Lane” in my bio, so it brings me great joy to be able to announce that he will indeed be in action, against rising star Billie Starkz. Billie has already etched her name in Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) and has quickly made herself a staple on the indie circuit. As of this writing, she’s already wrestled in an incredible 29 events in 2022, so few people, if any, are outworking her. No stranger to Intergender matches, as she’s already wrestled in 8 of these types of matches so far this year, this will be no breeze for The Southern Flamingo. Keeping my bias aside, Kody Lane, the self proclaimed “The Ketchup of Pro Wrestling” (because it goes good with everything) is as an exciting performer as you will see in wrestling today. He often cuts promos online via his Twitter & Instagram accounts, and he’s a rare athlete who’s gift of gab equals his in-ring talents. While in a losing effort last time around at “Motivation” here in Anarchy, Kody flashed his full repertoire in a loss to former champ Jeremy Wyatt, and will be looking to bounce back, and show why he is indeed The Ketchup of Pro Wrestling. Enjoy this promo below, sugar.

Singles Match: Aaron Williams vs Mat Fitchett

The current WAR Respect and Unsanctioned Pro Tag Team Champion Aaron Williams brings his talents to Anarchy to try to tackle the high flying arsenal of The Gunslinger, Mat Fitchett. Aaron is one of the most respected wrestlers in the world, and I highly recommend looking up his matches if you haven’t seen them. He has more signature moves than The Fast & Furious franchise has movies. The Bostonian Gunslinger is no slouch himself, as he has an aerial assault & agility level that reminds me of a Billy Kidman/Kyle O’Reilly hybrid. There is enough bad blood boiling here to supply the Last Supper. The Baddest Man Alive (Williams) has been on fire here in SLA, reeling off 3 straight singles victories, with 2 of those notably coming against Davey Vega, who just so happens to be Fitchett’s tag partner. Grindhouse, which is the team of Vega & Fitchett (and now Anakin Murphy) defeated Aaron and his tag partner Gary Jay (Unsigned And Don’t Care) at the end of 2021 here at “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes.” This is every bit a grudge match, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vega get involved.

-Tag Team Match: Victor Analog & Anakin Murphy vs Camaro Jackson & The Kenway

This is an interesting one. Victor Analog and Anakin Murphy have wrestled each other before here in SLA, and have even been recently feuding in New Wave Pro Wrestling. These two are crowd favorites here in SLA, with Victor coming to the ring with a computer mask, in Daft Punk-esque fashion, and Victor being a gothy high flyer type. Their chemistry should work well together if they are on the same page. In their way stand Dynamo Pro and ZERO1 Heavyweight Champion Camaro Jackson and Matt Kenway (The Kenway), who have previously tagged together as members of The Premier. Camaro is a fighters fighter, and an absolute gym freak. He seems to double in size each time I see him (in a good way). His no nonsense approach in the gym and in the ring are felt within seconds of seeing him work. Matt Kenway, or The Kenway, has taken some time off as of late, only having one match so far in 2022, after taking all of 2021 off. His lone match however was in fact here at Anarchy in January, a victorious one, in a 6-man tag match defeating Victor Analog. You have to think this ring experience will pay dividends in this match.

-Gateway Heritage Championship Match: Gary Jay (C) vs John Wayne Murdoch

Cue the fireworks. This match will be pulse-pounding and gritty, as these 2 men are known to take a mother-load of bumps and punishment, while kindly handing it back. The champion, is 4x Gateway champ “Stiff Robo Ginger” Gary Jay. Gary is a Midwest fan favorite, who’s been in the business for 18 years, and actually was the first victor of this belt back in 2007. One half of the Tag Team “Unsigned And Don’t Care,” Gary often uses his body as a weapon, which may be exactly what he needs to use to his advantage on May 6th. On his current reign as champion, he has successfully defended his strap twice, against Billie Starkz & Anthony Henry, and will look to continue his dominance against Murdoch. Enter the challenger John Wayne Murdoch, the Duke of Hardcore. As you can see by his face, which I can promise you is NOT makeup, John is a hardcore/Death Match aficionado, and the current GCW Ultraviolent champion. Whether it’s using broken light bulbs as weapons, or putting his body through wooden doors, the GCW fan-favorite never shies away from any sort of ferocity or danger, and simply doesn’t put on a bad match. As evidenced by coming in at #301 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s “Top 500 Male Wrestler” list of 2021, The Rabbit King will be out for blood, and Gary Jay’s gold.

-Singles Match: 1 Called Manders vs Derek Neal

Another GCW star, making his 3rd appearance at Anarchy is 1 Called Manders. One of the fastest rising stars in independent wrestling in recent memory, “Stupid Sexy Manders” is a perfect throwback to the early 90’s with his pure cowboy gimmick, while adding a new school element of offense and violence that makes him rather unique. He can switch up his style to match any type of opponent like very few in the ring can. Trained out of Seth Rollins’ “Black and Brave Wrestling Academy” it’s no surprise why Manders has become one of the most in-demand athletes on the circuit, he is a wrestler you’re going to want to make sure you get your eyes on. While I’m not comparing Derek Neal to the Undertaker, he does have a level of dominance here in SLA that you can’t deny. He comes in to this event sporting a 5-0 record at Anarchy, with no one yet being able to take down “King’s Road Slayer.” Derek is always the hammer, and rarely the nail, but faces a very tough challenge here in Manders. Will Derek continue his undefeated streak, or will Manders take down the Road Slayer? This will have a main-event feel, and no fan will leave this match disappointed.

-Singles Match: Jeremy Wyatt vs Bryan Keith

This was one of the first matches announced for the card, and quite frankly, one that has fans oozing in anticipation. In one corner, we have “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt, who himself is a 2x Gateway Heritage Champion, holding that belt for an unheard of 3 1/2 years (1142 days to be exact.) Jeremy is an absolute force to be reckoned with, and has gotten right back on track, winning his last 2 matches in SLA after losing his belt to Gary Jay. The Rebel has taken to Twitter to trash talk Bryan Keith, and while being respectful, he wasn’t shy about his plans for The Bounty Hunter.

In the opposite corner, we have the Underground King, The Bounty Hunter, and New Texas Pro Champion, Bryan Keith. Keith is another one of those guys who’s work ethic just goes unmatched. Trained by Booker T, and former Heavyweight & Television champion at Booker’s “Reality of Wrestling” Keith is a Mr Saturday Night of sorts, as he’s seemingly on a card every weekend, honing his skills that I already think have him next-level worthy. The Bounty Hunter exerts an a elite level of charisma and physical prowess, and will be looking for a statement win here against Jeremy Wyatt. This one is worth the price of traveling in to see.

-Davey Vega vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Make sure you have your snacks and beverages before this match, whether you’re watching it in person, or at home.

Impact Wrestling Star Mike Bailey is making his debut at SLA and this match will absolutely tear the building down. There simply isn’t a better guy in the industry, with Bailey always shaking his opponents hand, and bowing to them after every match. He’s the most respectful, selfless athlete out there, with a generational skill-set we are blessed to see. His martial arts background mixed with daredevil type moves, always get the crowd out of their seat, and I expect this to be no different. Here’s some highlights from his recent match against the legend Minoru Suzuki, to catch you up to speed.

On the respect side, there couldn’t be a different opponent than Davey Vega. As one half of Zero1 USA Tag Team Champs “Besties in the World” with Mat Fitchett, Vega is every bit the heel/bad guy, and never shies away from kicking his opponent when he’s down. Davey has wrestled over 700 matches in his extensive career, and hoisted 18 different world titles. He always puts on a great performance, and this match could very well be a Match of the Night candidate.

There are still more announcements to be made about this show, and I will update them here as they are announced!

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