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The second hottest place on Earth is Death Valley. First is Paul Goldschmidt’s bat. So just how hot is Paul Goldschmidt? A quick examination of the numbers would say the St. Louis Cardinals first baseman is scorching.

To understand how locked in Pauly is you need to first understand that he started the season 6 for 44, a robust .133 batting average. While his teammate and bash brother, Nolan Arenado was lighting up National League pitching all throughout April, Paul could not catch a break. As per usual the strikeout rate was low because Paul is a great contact hitter. Many strokes of bad luck kept him down until he finally started to breakout on April 22. Eight of his next ten games would be multiple hit games. He never looked back and dominated the month of May. Queue Arcade Fire!

A glance at month-by-month performance below. I am writing this with a game happening live. So maybe the story should be Miles Mikolas working on a gem. A gem that happens to have zero ____ from the opposing side, but all the rage seems to be about Paul Goldschmidt going 4 for 4 through six innings. Paul will surely get another at bat.

Update: The no-hitter was broken up with two outs in the ninth inning. Yeesh, what a kick in the sack. Back to Paul. Stats below:

 Paul GoldschmidtRunsHitsAvg.HRRBIOPS
Through 6/15/2022

Paul Goldschmidt is doing this without a consistent 4th place hitter. Goldy’s hottest month, May – Nolan Arenado hit .196. With little protection behind him Paul has continued to stay hot. After a 3-day slump, Paul is back with a vengeance, tormenting starting pitchers.

At this rate, Paul is the National League MVP. Manny Machado has fallen off and Pete Alonso’s production has started to slip. With the St. Louis Cardinals playing better, and moving into fist place despite Nolan Arenado’s recent hitting woes, Paul is the NL MVP favorite as of today.

At least we were firing on one of these. The others look bleak. Our preseason award picks can be found here: https://bozosports.com/5091-2/

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