Pale Pro Wrestling: “Revelations” Recap & Results

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Ninja Mack & Fuego Del Sol

Pale Pro Wrestling: “Revelations” from March 19th, 2022 at the Grace Preparations Academy in Arlington, Texas.

-Chris Russo (@wrestlerusso) & Big Plo (@Big_Plo) were our commentary team, and did a phenomenal job

-Singles Match: Ninja Mack vs Fuego Del Sol

Absolute theatrics, as you would expect from these 2 high flyers.

Ninja first hits a hand-stand into a head scissors take take down, then turns that into a rear naked choke hold. Fuego returns the favor with a leg scissors to Ninja over the top rope, followed by a spinning top rope Tope Suicida that takes both men outside the ring. A fan kindly gives Fuego a chair, and while Ninja is style stymied, Fuego walks to the gym entrance, then takes off with a full head of steam and hits a running/leaping clothesline, showing off his cardio. Ninja starts landing a few chops, the men start exchanging counters galore. Ninja climbs to the top rope, and hits a Spanish Fly, followed by a 2nd rope Phoenix Splash. Seemingly in control, he goes to the top rope once again for his Kamikaze finisher. Fuego has other plans, as he counters that into a Avalanche Tornado DDT, which seals the pin and victory.

WINNER: Fuego Del Sol by pinfall

*Texas legend referee Karl Knight attempts to walk to the back and says he is retiring. Pale Pro General Manager Nastico comes out, talks some trash, and says that Knight still owes him, and that he can’t quit until Nastico is done with him. Nastico cryptically says there will be some Nasty Money activity this evening, leaving the audience & viewers wondering what’s in store.

Tag Team Match: Korey O’Neal & Eddie Martinez vs “The West Texas Legacy” Jastin Taylor & Ryan Justice

*Ryan comes out to “Jungle” by X-Ambassadors

Justice initially tries to chop down the tree that is Korey O’Neal, but is seemingly a brick wall. After getting some work in, Justice successfully hits a few face washes. Korey hits a vicious pop up powerbomb, then looks to capitalize and goes to the top rope to execute a Chili Bomb, which Ryan avoids, and hits a Big Band Suplex of his own. Jastin & Eddie have some athletic back and forth exchanges. In the end, a double suplex from Jastin & Ryan prove to be too much, as Eddie Martinez gets pinned in defeat. All 4 men show respect to each other and shake hands after an upbeat and impressive match.

WINNERS: West Texas Legacy by pinfall

Singles Match: “The Purveyor of Punishment” Jay Alexander vs Travis Titan

Jay Alexander & Travis Titan

A former body builder and Arena Football player, Jay is insanely cut and bulked up, and reminds me of PAC/Neville, especially in his all black getup and look. Titan comes out in all orange, and has a good look himself. Almost looks small somehow next to Jay. Jay showcases his Antonio Cesaro esque moves to start, hitting a Big Buckle Bomb and executing a tough high knee to Travis. Jay then goes to the middle ropes, and works on Travis’ back, stretching out both arms. After toying with him a bit, Jay connects a huge pump-kick, and goes for the pin, as Travis kicks out at 2. A colossal power-slam is bestowed upon Travis next, to which he kicks out at 2 and a half. The two go head to head for a bit, then collide to knock each other out. The ref starts a 10-count, like a scene from Rocky 2. Nastico interrupts, and you sense mischief is afoot. Titan gets up and lands his finisher, The Jagged Edge by the ropes, to which jay hoists his leg up to the rope at 2, which would kill the 3 count. Referee Karl Knight, after some hesitation, calls for the bell and declares Titan the winner. Nastico comes to the ring, extends his hand to Travis Titan. Titan slowly walks away, then comes back to solidify the handshake, as we see what assumedly is the first “Nasty Money” appearance of the night.

Singles Match: Apex vs Big Fitz of “The Bible Club”

These 2 are just absolute boulders in the ring, bouncing off one another, with athleticism and sharpness. An early spear from Fitz seemingly tears Apex in half. Apex then achieves a scoop into a side-slam, which gives the ring an earthquake. Apex hits a Spinebuster. Fitz goes on the offensive next, hitting a lariat, than an ax-handle, then a Hulk-like big boot. Apex shakes off these damages, then hits a choke-slam that has the looks of a finish, but gets greedy and lifts up Fitz’s head on his own, at the 2 1/2 count, one can only assume to inflict even more damage. Apex heads to the top rope to attempt a Senton Bomb, which Fitz rolls to avoid, then gets up and connects on a spinning back suplex to seal the win. Fitz grabs the mic and preaches a bit at the end, giving Apex credit, and saying this was one of the hardest challenges of his life.

Tik-Tok Sensation Mr Wobble (@jaystong) comes out to his “Wobble Line Dance” and gets the crowd into it on his way down to the ring. Wobble does his dance a bit more, Nastico comes out, and attempts to do it himself. After a few seconds, he then instructs Wobble to leave the ring. Wobble mocks him a bit, only to turn around and see a 400 pound Angel Camacho staring back at him. Wobble attempts a couple chops, which end up being the equivalent of a grape being thrown at Camacho’s chest. Angel hits a couple splashes into the corner, then a final death splash from the 2nd rope. Nastico and Camacho walk off together, as we can only connect dots that this is yet another Nasty Money collaboration.

Singles Match: Mysterious Q vs Magnificent Malico

*Q comes out to Nas “Made You Look” solidifying him as my new favorite wrestler.

Q is built like an absolute linebacker. Malico, well, isn’t. As the more playful wrestler, Malico strikes the first advantage, with the ever-deadly “got your nose” and turns it into a takedown. Bothered by this, Mysterious Q then hits a scoop slam, into a leg drop. His moves are sharp, quick and precise. Malico then gets Q caught up in the ropes, jumps in next to him, forming his Swingset setting, then hits an impressive kick to Q’s head. Malico takes some damage from Q, and belts out a hilarious shrill after each attack. Double stomp from the top rope by Q, and a snake eyes, and after a Cesaro like whirling slam, Mysterious Q gets the pin, and we’re not done.

Former Ring of Honor TV champ Shane Taylor comes out and grabs the mic, and states he’s going to “collect championships like Thanos collected rings” and goes further by saying Q has done absolutely nothing and should be making 6 figures in this business. He then extends an offer for Q to join Shane Taylor Promotions, and comes to the ring to shake on a deal. Q says “respectfully, no.’ The two have a tussle for a bit, before Taylor hits Mysterious Q with a sick Package Pile Driver. Taylor walks off into the sunset, with plenty of questions unanswered.

Singles Match: Kaun vs Izzy James

Izzy James (top) & Kaun

Kaun, a member of aforementioned Shane Taylor Promotions, looks a Picasso painting of the perfect wrestler, with abs that basically spell his name. Izzy James has the punk rock/DGAF look, and comes out to a Smashing Pumpkins cover by Vanna of “Zero,” which is the perfect headbanger for his style.

Slow pace out of the gate, with each wrestler feeling out each other. Kaun begins to work on Izzy’s left arm early, a theme of this match and one that will become advantageous. Izzy gets his shot at offense, hitting a perfect Hurricanrana that sends Kaun to the outside. Kaun takes his time to regroup before entering the ring. The two take turns at roll-up attempts, showing off each other’s stamina and ring shape. Both wrestlers go outside the ring, with Kaun tossing Izzy into the ring post like he’s throwing a fastball. We get back into the ring, as Kaun hits a Senton on the now damaged arm of James. Kaun isn’t done there, as he hits a back suplex slam into a lateral press. Izzy relentlessly keeps coming back from each Kaun attempt at an advantage. Kaun takes Izzy to the top rope, for a Superplex attempt. Izzy bites Kaun’s head, to fight off the momentum, only to then receive the Superplex seconds later. Kaun misses a few strikes, and takes a springboard from Izzy. In the end Kaun’s prowess and aggression prove to be too much, as he gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Kaun by pinfall

*video footage from #CheatCode appear on the screen of Cameron Cole interrupting Davey Richards & Chandler Hopkins match from September, which ended in a time limit draw.

MAIN EVENT: No DQ Triple Threat Match for the Pale Pro Championship: Cameron Cole (C) vs Davey Richards vs Chandler Hopkins

The Young Gun comes out first, to his “Cowboy” Kid Rock music, followed by “The American Wolf” Davey Richards in his Team Ambition gear, with champion Cameron Cole last, draped in his 4 title belts, and accompanied by Nastico.

*Cam throws his collection of belts on the ring, and does a snow angel around them*

From the jump, Cam tries to convince Davey to form an alliance and side against Hopkins. Davey wastes no time and sends a kick to the head, sending Cam over the ropes. Chandler shows off his chops next, giving a hurricanrana to Cameron, then a Tope Suicida to Davey. While Richards is still out of action, Cam now goes to work on Chandler, with an array of corner kicks and strikes and ending with a nasty Board Buster. Hopkins hits an Olympic Slam on Davey, and turns it into a crossface. Cameron comes from outside the ring, cleans house, and hits a CodeBreaker on The Young Gun. Now it’s Davey’s turn at a power-up. He hits a Dragon Screw to Cam’s left leg, but misses a double stomp seconds later. In one of the more impressing moments you’ll see, Davey gets both men caught up in a double submission in the middle of the ring, with Nastico annoyingly coming in for the save. Davey and Chandler now regroup and exchange strikes with each other. Davey hits him with a brainbuster and converts this success into a deep ankle lock. Nastico comes to the rescue of Cameron Cole, and hits Davey with the Pale Pro Championship belt, and with Davey out, Cam hits Hopkins with a perfect Code Breaker from the top rope. To the awe of the crowd, Hopkins kicks out at 2. Cole goes to clock Hopkins with the PPC belt and whiffs. Hopkins hits a springboard on Cameron, and then focuses on Nastico. He takes him out, then hits a Billy Kidman-like Shooting Star Press. Solely intent on embarrassing Nastico, he works at taking off his mask. After a minute of trying to peal it off, he finally succeeds, only to find out a second mask is under it. Shocked and confused, Cameron Cole then sneaks back in and hits a rollup on Hopkins to retain the Pale Pro Championship.

WINNER: Cameron Cole via pinfall

This concludes Pale Pro Wrestling: “Revelations.”

Their next event, “Exodus,” is scheduled for May 7th. Event details here:

Follow Pale Pro Wrestling on Twitter: @PaleProWrestlin

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