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This point system is not designed to determine the most valuable player, but id a tool determine each player’s overall value across a series of statistics. This tool combined with team wins would be an excellent mechanism to better determine how valuable player is to their team, and ultimately the team within the league. The point system is not a measurement of talent or ranking.

Timeframe: October 19, 2021 – March 7, 2022.

Qualifier: 1,000 minutes played.

Metrics: Points, Field Goals Made, Total Rebounds, Assists.

This is the point system in it’s rawest form. This is what most resembles the MVP debate, and true to form, appears to be on par with what most experts have. If we were to add a column for wins and weight that accordingly, this would be a great way to measure Most Valuable Player in the NBA.

Top 25

26 – 50

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