NBA Free Agents Left To be Had

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DeAndre Ayton

Portland Trailblazers. The Blazers were determined to land someone big this offseason. Now that the offseason is here that goal has not changed. There are but a few big free agents left. Ayton is the biggest free agent left literally and figuratively. The Pacers are the latest to be rumored as the favorite. If Kevin Durant wants in Phoenix, a sign and trade may be on the horizon. I still have Ayton landing in Portland paired up with Damian Lillard.

James Harden

Harden will find himself back with the 76ers on a team-friendly deal for the upcoming season so they can chase a ring and potentially bring in another piece. It is a noble move by Harden to opt-out of a $47 million one-year deal to save the team money. If James Harden parlays the opt-out into less for the 2022-2023 season, but secures three or more seasons in his declining years it is a win-win for the both James and the team next season, and for James Harden long term.

Collin Sexton

A talented player who has been mostly forgotten because of Darius Garland’s remarkable come up. Sexton is a good young player who does not break the bank. The lack of interest, which is surprising allows the Cavaliers to bring Sexton back on a team-friendly deal. Few are competing with Cleveland. he should be back.

Dennis Shroder

Dennis Shroder is one of those players that is always undervalued. A great fit for Shroder is the Miami Heat. The Heat are said to be interested in Kevin Durant. Many believe Miami was on the KD wish list, but that he was not interested unless Kyle Lowry stayed in Miami. However, Brooklyn would have minimal interest if Lowry were not a part of the trade, so you see the dilemma. The Heat could sign Dennis Shroder for additional depth at point guard. The Heat being one of the deeper teams in the NBA were exposed for their true weakness during the 2022 playoffs. Point guard depth.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony to the Boston Celtics makes a lot of sense. At this stage of Melo’s career – he wants a ring, and he would not mind making a few bucks along the way. Not a defensive dynamo, thus somewhat of a liability if he signs with a defensive-minded team, however he gives instant offense off the bench, something the Celtics desperately needed in the NBA Finals.

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