MLB Free Agent Predictions

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No more lockout! Rejoice! All eyes are on the 2022 free agent class and where they’ll end up, below you’ll find a list of inaccurate predictions for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Trevor Story: Houston Astros

The shortstop market is wide open Meaning wallets from a lot of different teams. The Texas Rangers have gobbled two of the best already. The rumor is Carlos Correa turned down $275 million from the Detroit Tigers, meaning Trevor Story may be on deck. He is from nearby Irving, Texas. Proximity to his hometown is said to be a factor in choosing his next home

Kris Bryant: Detroit Tigers

It seemed Seattle was the ideal destination for Kris, however the interest in Bryant is softening from the Mariners. Through the process of elimination, the Detroit Tigers will happily settle for Bryant. The Tigers have a sheet of star players, and he’s on it. Once Carlos Correa signs that will open things up for Trevor Story, and other players on Detroit’s wish list, but neither Correa nor Story will be Tigers, leaving Kris Bryant as an even more attractive signing.

Carlos Correa: Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs cleared the roster at the trading deadline. In fairness, and looking at the good-guy angle of this, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Craig Kimbrel were all dealt to teams in pennant races, which may have kept some of the fan base sane. Its time to regroup. The Cubs will not sit still after signing Marcus Stroman. Carlos Correa has listed his Houston home for sale, and with the departure of fan favorite, Javier Baez that vacancy can best be filled by the biggest free agent on the market. Equal to Javy Baez in personality and bravado is Carlos. He shuttered Detroit’s offer, to either hold out for more money or because he doesn’t want to play there. Either way with less than a month until opening day, Carlos needs to make a decision. Do not rule out a short term deal in Houston or New York as well.

Freddie Freeman: L. A. Dodgers

This one seems too easy. The Fernando Tatis Jr. injury makes me want to say San Diego, but I just do not see how that could happen. San Diego has so much money tied up, and even if they could find someone to take Eric Hosmer’s contract, it is still a huge stretch. I think this is L.A; and possibly Houston. Freeman is said to be fond of the idea of playing in California. The Dodgers will pay him, and he will immediately be in position to win another ring with L.A; in back-to-back seasons.

Kyle Schwarber: Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays are very interested in Schwarber. The level of interest has intensified, signaling that the Freddie Freeman chase is over. Kyle is becoming more attractive with each passing day of free agency. Big left-handed bats are tough to come by and Kyle is coming off his best contact year at the plate, ending 2021 with the highest batting average of his career.

Anthony Rizzo: Cleveland Guardians

Money talks. Like Detroit, Cleveland may not be the preferred destination for many players, but Cleveland has money to spend and a starting first baseman in Bobby Bradley who hit .208 last season, which ranked 127th in MLB. Rizzo is reliable, an above average hitter, a big-time player in big-times games, a 4x Gold Glove winner and a big draw. The fans love him. At age 32, he has plenty left in the tank.

Nick Castellanos: Philadelphia Phillies

Castellanos has been rumored to be on Philadelphia’s radar for quite some… as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run. And so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame. Adding Castellanos to the Phillies lineup would be a big help, especially given the pitching upgrades in the division, notably the New York Mets. It seems this is the primary target for Philadelphia. Talks are nonexistent between Castellanos and Cincinnati, so consider him gone.

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