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I argued that the best fit for Demar Derozan was the Dallas Mavericks and that he was the best fit for them. Demar is loving his time in Chicago and is in the conversation for Most Valuable Player. Instead of reflecting on what could have been and should have been, let’s look at what needs to be.

Luka Doncic is under contract until 2026-2027. What pieces will Mark Cuban add around him to make this a winning team?

Kyrie Irving

There are three ways Kyrie Irving plays in the NBA:

  1. New York changes it’s vaccination mandates.
  2. Kyrie is vaccinated.
  3. Kyrie is traded.

However unlikely it may be, here’s a good one.


Mavericks receive Kyrie Irving.

Nets receive 2021 2nd round pick, Kristaps Porzingis.


The Mavericks are committed to $31 million this season for Porzingis, and then $33 mill in 2022-2023 and $36 mill in 2023-2024. If the Nets don’t see a world where Kyrie returns they may look to move him for a proven player. A big man who can score plus a first-rounder is appealing. The contracts are net neutral ($34 million annually to Irving) if Kyrie is playing. Again, unlikely Kyrie is traded, but an outside possibility.

Kemba Walker

Kemba has struggled but can still ball. This, a much cheaper option than Kyrie Irving. Benching Kemba in NY is not helping his trade value. However, this is good news for anyone interested in Kemba Walker.


Mavericks receive 2023 2nd round pick, Kemba Walker.

Knicks receive 2024 2nd round pick, Reggie Bullock.


Reggie Bullock returns to New York. The Knicks are trying to move Kemba. The Mavs have two second-round picks in 2024, and none in 2023. The Knicks are loaded with draft picks for the foreseeable future. They’ll want to phase out an aging Walker, to make way for new blood. Bringing back Bullock’s body and toughness may help turn this team around. Neither Walker nor Bullock is working out well for their new teams.

Thaddeus Young

Young is a very capable player. A big man with a lot left in that tank. Young is not a good fit in San Antonio as the Spurs work through rebuilding – only giving the clock to young guys (pun intended.) Whatever we are seeing from Young right now will be far improved with a new team, as he is very unhappy and disgruntled with his playing time under Coach Gregg Popovich.


Mavericks receive Thaddeus Young.

Spurs receive 2024 2nd round pick, Dwight Powell.


Young is likely to opt out, so the Spurs will try to get something for him. There will be suitors. Young has been a double-digit scorer his entire career. Including 6 boards and 3 assists per game. The prize for the Spurs is the pick. They’ll continue to stockpile picks until they find the next Tim Duncan.

John Wall

Wall’s contract is scary. He hasn’t played competitive basketball in a long time – also scary. He’s 31 years old. That is scary too. He wants to play, it’s just not going to happen in Houston – plus he’s still getting paid, so he’s in no rush to leave, however; the Rockets should move with urgency before his value diminishes more.


Mavericks receive 2023 1st round pick John Wall.

Rockets receive 2025 2nd round pick, Tim Hardaway Jr; Reggie Bullock.


The Rockets will be willing to add a pick or two to a potential Wall deal to move his inflated contract. Moving Hardway Jr ($20 mill/year) and Bullock ($10 mill/year) would certainly lessen the blow if Dallas assumed Wall’s deal ($43 mill/year) Which is set to expire in 2023. The Mavs would pick up a 2023 pick, which they currently do not have, that could also be used as a trade piece to enhance the lineup around Luka.

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