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For 18 months, Arlington-based Pale Pro Wrestling has created an impressive body of work, and an exciting new outlet, for fans and wrestlers alike. Performers from all over the landscape, including AEW, MLW, Impact, & GCW, to name a few, have all graced their presence in the Pale Pro waters. Past performers include, but by no means limited to: Jake Something, Davey Richards, Sam Adonis, Jeff Cobb, Alan Angels, Lance Archer, and Richard Holliday.

If you’re new to the Pale Pro brand of wrestling, you’re in for an absolute treat. As a new and growing company, they currently only have one title, which will be at stake. They have had 3 champions hold this coveted belt. 1st being Sam Adonis, 2nd being Cam Cole, who held the belt for an unprecedented 322 days, and 3rd and current champion, one of the most decorated and charismatic athletes in the game today, Chandler Hopkins.


-September 3rd, 2022. Scheduled time of 7pm (C) to 9pm.
-The venue will be the Grace Preparatory Academy located at 3300 Interstate 20 W, in Arlington, Texas, 76017.
-The card can be streamed LIVE via the Title Match Network, subscription required.
-Tickets to the event can be purchased at: Get Tickets


What will Pale Pro GM Nastico have up his sleeve? Well, so far, he has announced our matches, below. You can bet he will play a part in at least one or more of the outcomes, as well as letting us know he is the best manager, and that we all stank. So, without further ado, here is your match list for Pale Pro Wrestling “Covenant.”

-Singles Match: Angel Camacho vs Big Fitz

We’re gonna need a bigger ring.
800 pounds of Man. Bruises and punishment to be served as an appetizer and main course.
First, we have the 6’10” 400 pound behemoth, Big Fitz. The Steven Kirby trained bruiser is a Pale Pro veteran, having most recently fell short to Kaun in a War of the Titans match, which I’m sure he hasn’t dusted completely off his mind. The DFW Pro grappler is going to be set to deliver pain.
His counterpart, also no stranger to the Pale Pro waters, is Cleveland’s own Angel Camacho. Angel has one loss in solo’s action, and one victory as a tag team in PPW, and will be looking to get his first notch in the win column against Big Fitz. I’m sure the 13 year vet is salivating at the chance to drop a Camacho Bomb on Fitz and walk out of Arlington with his fist high.

-Singles Match: Cam Cole vs Alex Kane

2 absolute show stealers, with the Match of the Night candidate written all over it.
First, we introduce the fearless Cam Cole, who has held the longest reign as Pale Pro Champion to date, at 322 days. Since losing the gold to Chandler Hopkins in May, he had in impressive rebound victory over Bryan Keith at “Judges.” Simply one of the best heels in the game today, Cole is a sensational talent and always a must-see.
Across the turnbuckle comes Major League Wrestling’s star in the making, Alex Kane. The AR Fox trained “Suplex Assassin” has incredibly sharp mic skills, and his name is synonymous with throwing people around. He has over 40 matches to his name already this year, and is absolutely cementing his name as one of the best up and comers in wrestling.
These 2 are both right in the beginning of their prime, and might tear the house down. Make sure your drink is full.

Singles Match: Fuego Del Sol vs Eddie Martinez

A clinic on highflying and showstopping entertainment, with speed that would make The Flash jealous is what we have in store with these two astonishing young athletes.
AEW’s Fuego returns to Pale, on the heels of defeating Korey O’Neal in his last match here at “Judges.” One of the best Tornado DDT’s you will see in the business, the charismatic Fuego always keeps you standing on your feet until his matches are over, and that won’t change in this whirlwind pairing.
The Lou Gotti-trained Eddie Martinez is one of the hottest young phenoms today, and at 23, “The PowerGlider” will only add to his climb to the top with a dynamic showing here against Fuego.

-Texas Bullrope Match: Kaun vs Izzy James

Arguably the most heated feud in Pale Pro’s young history comes to a close this Saturday with this duel. A Texas Bullrope Match, in which there are no rules or pinfalls. The only way to come out on top is by a submission or 10 count.
There is nothing to dislike, and everything to love about Kaun. He brings a lot of HHH-esque ring prowess to the table, and has a physique that they put on wrestling action figures. He is one of the most dominant forces I’ve seen in a long time, and somehow impresses me more each time I see him. He has already taken to Twitter to inform Izzy “I don’t hurt people, I alter them.” If that’s not conviction enough that this has a World War 3 vibe to it, I don’t know what is.
“The Guttersnake” Izzy James excels in everything he does. His heavy metal persona is infectious, and the second his ring music hits “Zero” by Vanna, covering the Smashing Pumpkins classic, you immediately feel his no nonsense approach upon his entrance. There is a fury and animosity towards Kaun that just gives this all the makings of a top of the hour banger.

– Malico vs Marko Stunt

There couldn’t be two different styles of wrestlers here, and that is not a bad thing. The Magnificent Malico has been a man possessed after his recent matches here in Pale against Fuego Del Sol, with 2 straight wins against him. The deranged, eccentric, madman is one of the most entertaining performers out there, and along with the Jackhammer, he has a 5-tool move set. If you’ve never seen Malico perform, make sure this is your first time.
Ex-AEW star Marko Stunt feels like he’s been around forever, and yet he is still only 26 years old and still hasn’t even entered his prime. Mr. Fun Size is a highflyer that always wrestles outside of his size “limitations,” and pushes his opponent to the next level. Expect to be wow’d in this one.

-Singles Match: Shane Taylor vs Jay Alexander

Let’s just call this matchup “Pain & Gain,” because both men are going to deliver punishment, and both will only gain respect from one another and the fans after this clash.
“The Purveyor of Punishment” is one of many young stars who Pale Pro is helping display their path to greatness. The bodybuilder and former Arena League footballer is similar to Kaun in that his physique looks hand-drawn, while he delivers power move after power move, with crisp precision and delivery. Jay has all the tools and attitude to step up to Taylor’s level.
With the nickname “The Baddest Man Alive” comes expectations, and Taylor has been painting the industry with the brush of wrath for quite some time. Holding over 13 championship belts, and approaching 500 career matches, Taylor is simply a superstar. He effortlessly wreaks havoc, and backs down from no one, evidenced by his dismantling of the likes of Mysterious Q, Vinny Pacifico, and Gideon Vane here in Pale. The former Ring of Honor star won’t be looking to make friends or help put over Jay Alexander, and this will be a true war of attrition.

-Singles Match: Mike Bennett vs Travis Titan

Travis Titan has made it very clear: He is tired of being overlooked and underrated, and he is out to make an example of what he’s capable of with 20 year veteran Mike Bennett. After defeating Jay Alexander in March, and coming up short to legend Davey Richards in a remarkable match in May, Travis has proven in a short time that there is no obstacle too great, and that he is on the hunt for greatness.
One of the most likable guys in the business, Mike Bennett, at the moment, does NOT feel this sentiment from Travis Titan. The IMPACT Wrestling star, and current tag team champion has wrestled every name in the business, and simply loves to fight. Blue collar strong, with a heart of gold, the motivational Mike Bennett can’t let his guard down for one second against the cagey Titan.

-Pale Pro Championship Match: Chandler Hopkins (C) vs Mysterious Q
Hopkins will be making his 2nd title defense, after first dethroning Cameron Cole in a “Hair vs Career” Match at “Pale Pro: Exodus,” and holding off Tim Storm in a grueling 17 minute battle at “Pale Pro: Judges.” The Young Gun has over 220 matches to his name, and will be making his 10th appearance in Pale Pro, and is worth the price of admission by himself.

RCW Champion Mysterious Q (photo by @F2Imagery)

No stranger to championships himself, Mysterious Q comes toe to toe for The Young Gun in his 2nd title defense. The Houston native is a Texas wrestling legend at this point, having hoisted SEVEN different championships over his shoulder. He is currently the Reality of Wrestling (ROW) Heavyweight Champ (3x) and River City Wrestling Champion (RCW). This will be his 7th match in Pale Pro, and Q has an innovative high flying style, mixed with powerhouse strength, and excels at every aspect in the ring. This will be fireworks from start to finish.

-For up to date news and events on Pale Pro Wrestling, follow them on Twitter at: @PaleProWrestlin
-For news on upcoming shows, view the Pale Pro roster, or to be on the lookout for merchandise, visit:
-Pale Pro already has their next show scheduled for November 5th, 2022, so stay tuned, for that, and enjoy “Covenant.”

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