Full Card & Event Details for PCW Ultra “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning”

Full Card & Event Details for PCW Ultra “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning” post thumbnail image

The already sky-high anticipation that has been building for PCW Ultra’s return to the scene, and first event of 2022 has taken us to new heights, as we now know all of the matches for this must-see event. While already dropping a bomb on us recently that “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase will be at the event for a pre-show meet & great, we now know just what this certified banger of a show has in store for us. But first, the full details for the show, and where you can go to help support PCW Ultra.

PCW Ultra: “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning”

-Friday May 13th, 2022

-Event is being held at ILWU Memorial Hall, in Wilmington, California.

-Meet & Greet starts at 5:30, will last until 7:30, and will be tier-based, related to which ticket package you purchase.

-Meet & Greet will be hosted by the lovely Gabby Loren

-Meet & Greet stars include:

WWE Legend Ted Dibiase “The Million Dollar Man”
WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas
“The Sheik” Josef Samael

-Bell time of 8:30

-To purchase tickets, and to see Meet & Greet information, visit: http://pcwreturns.eventbrite.com

-To purchase merchandise, get info on current & future events, or to join their on-demand streaming service, visit: https://www.pcwultra.com/


-Nick Wayne vs B-Boy (Old School vs New School Match)

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the teenage sensation and son of Buddy Wayne has been setting the indies on absolute fire. Somehow with already 4 years under his belt, he’s been crushing it for GCW the past 12 months, and is already one of the most in-demand wrestlers around. He faces an opponent in B-Boy, who is over twice his age, and has more ring experience than Nick has years on this earth. DO NOT let the age gap fool you as a hinderance to B-Boy. He’s as busy as anyone in the game, with over 10 matches this year, and has been underrated for far too long. The Christopher Daniels trained punisher will be out to teach the young phenom a lesson.

-Jack Cartwheel vs Jai Vidal (Champion) for the UltraLight Championship

Do yourself a favor, and make sure your drink is full for this one. Here we have 2 of the most exciting young wrestlers on the scene today. Jack Cartwheel, one of GCW’s favorite showmen, brings his athletic aesthetic to the PCW ring, going for the gold that Jai Vidal hoists over his shoulder. Jack is truly a high flyer of the future, as he’s not the Rey Mysterio/lucha libre mold, but more of something new and innovative, parlaying acrobatics, cartwheels and gymnastics into his arsenal. He always keeps me on the edge of my seat. In his way stands one of my personal favorites, the charismatic Jai Vidal. The Gangrel trained Vidal is the rare athlete whose confidence equally matches his in-ring performance and execution, and he’s one you need to have an eye out for, if you don’t already. He’s coming off a 13 minute highlight reel of a match against Carlos Romo at “Effy’s Big Gay Brunch” from GCW Collective 2022, and this will be his first defense of the UltraLight Title he won back in November at “All Systems Go.” Prepare for liftoff.

-Steve Madison vs Yuya Uemura “Strong Style Struggle”

Another in the vein of “old school vs new school,” Madison is 12 year the senior to the young, rising star Uemura. Madison is truly one of the most underrated workers in wrestling. While he has pumped the breaks a bit in recent years on his performances (only 8 matches since 2018) he was successful last time out, getting a victory over JTG at “All Systems Go” here in PCW Ultra. From Cage Matches to Hardcore Matches, Madison has done it all, and he will come equipped for whatever Uemura throws his way. I’m personally excited to see what he brings to the table, in his first match of 2022. As for Yuya, he has all the makings of a rising star, as he’s been carving a name for himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling for the past 4 years. He has already squared off with Japanese greats Yuji Nagata, Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, as well as current AEW Stars Brody King and Daniel Garcia. Having beaten one of wrestling’s most impressive talents in Speedball Mike Bailey in his last singles match (Bloodsport 8) Yuya is riding high. Will Madison’s have any effects of ring rust? This matchup should be every bit exciting.

-Toa Liona vs Shane Mercer “Huge Hoss Fight”

The title says it all on this one. There are very few men that stand 6’4″ weighing 300 pounds that you want to piss off. Toa isn’t one of these few. He’s been tweeting the past few weeks about his gym gains, with pics of his after-workout results, and his back is literally shaped like the United States. He just recently had a pure domination of a match with his tag partner Kaun (as Gates of Agony) at Ring of Honor “ROH Supercard of Honor,” and the Californian will be eager to throw Mercer over the ropes. Mercer, isn’t exactly small in stature himself, however. At 5’11” and 208 pounds, “The Iron Demon” is looking to get back into the swing of things. The powerhouse has had 8 matches thus far in 2022, but if anyone deserves a break, it’s Mercer. He pumped out a grueling SIXTY matches in 2021, and has won 7 titles in his 15 year career. This will be a true current-day Clash of Titans.

-Papo Esco vs Rob Sh!t

Making his PCW Ultra Debut, “King Fatboy” Papo Esco faces off against the “Thee Infection” Rob Shit (best name ever.) Some things you need to know about this stand-up guy: he once used a prosthetic leg wrapped in barb wire to torture an opponent and he enjoys smoking, drinking, gambling & overall villainy. Opposite his corner, is the United Wrestling Network Television Champion, Papo Esco. I cannot confirm if Papo has ever used a barbed wire prosthetic leg against an opponent, but I CAN confirm that he’s been making quite the name for himself at UWN, having defeated young stars such as AEW’s Max Caster, Jordan Cruz, VSK, and the tag team of Midnight Heat (Eddie Pearl & Ricky Gibson) while also at one point holding their tag team championship belt. I expect Papo to get a vice-grip on Rob quick, and start the violence. Let’s see how infectious Rob can be in a PCW ring.

-Vivan Van vs Danika Della Rouge (C) for the Ultra Woman Championship

*Falls Count Anywhere- All Violence is Legal*

Oh boy, the rematch we’ve all been waiting for is happening, and it will not be a pillow fight. After a VERY controversial win at Defy Wrestling’s “Defyiant Nights” on March 12th, new Ultra Women’s Champion Danika Della Rouge gets to make her first defense, against the woman she uncrowned just a month ago. The trash talking has already begun, as the Hellbent Vixen has already taken to Twitter, shouting to Danika that “you can’t cheat this time,” while also reminding her that she is a former 4-belt champion and California Wrestler of the Year. Viva previously held the belt for over 4 months, and she’ll be looking to use any tactics she can to paint Danika’s face red. Danika is more than up to these stipulations however, as she’s wrestled in numerous 2 on 1 handicap matches, and already won a Street Fight (against Rebel Kel at Defy Wrestling’s “Defy Kingdom”) in her very short but highly impressive 4 year career. There is a very good chance we see these 2 ladies both leave wearing crimson masks come May 13th.

You can see highlights from their exciting first match, here:


-La Park vs Sinn Bodhi

Talk about going out in style. We will be closing this gargantuan of an event, with two men that need NO introduction, La Park, and Sinn Bodhi.

“The Carnival Freak” Sinn Bodhi, (known by most as “Kizarny” from his tenure in WWE) brings his Freakshow to the PCW yard against Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Famer, La Park. This match should be absolutely set the building on fire, as we have two storied veterans, who have locked up with just about everybody, who is anybody, in the world of wrestling over their combined 62 years in the ring. In Bodhi, we are getting an unhinged madman, who is making his first appearance of 2022. Ring-rust has never been an issue for the Warlord of Weird, and as one of the hardest workers in the indies, I expect Bodhi to wield his hard-hitting style early and often. In La Park, we are getting one of the most colorful wrestling careers of all time at our viewing pleasure. Having won 14 different championships, and a being a mainstay on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 Male Wrestler’s list (finishing as high as 35) at 56 years old, the Luchador legend still pumps out quality matches, and his decorated persona will continue to wow fans here at “Friday the 13th.”

-Professional Wrestler Clas will be debuting a new segment called “A Touch of CLAS” as well, with his guest not yet named at this time.

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