Kyrie Irving Opts In

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According to multiple NBA Executives Kyrie Irving opting back in was his best, and maybe only option. The noise from the Irving camp was likely a means to push the Brooklyn Nets to a negotiate long term contract.

The word from around the NBA was interest in Kyrie Irving was minimal. That’s unfortunate because he’s a top five player in terms of talent. He surely ranks at the bottom in perceived reputation and games played. Last year was his refusal to be vaccinated, in years past he’s sat out games for social issues, but most time missed due to injury. These things don’t make Kyrie an attractive item at that price tag, despite his skill.

At the end of the day, few people wanted him and/or were not willing to part with any players or draft picks that would entice the Nets to deal Kyrie.

So, what does next season look like? Well, for the first time we may finally get a full season or Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. These guys are great friends and even better players. 82 games, not just the road games with both players and potentially Ben Simmons, immediately puts the Nets near the top of the Eastern Conference as favorites with Boston, Miami, Milwaukee and Philadelphia.

Kyrie may have actually wanted out of Brooklyn, and that we may never know, but the end result is a great result for him. He could’ve been in a much worse situation. The 2022-2023 NBA season is another opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong, and show the world the following:

⁃ He is still among the elite players.

⁃ He is durable and healthy.

⁃ He is not a problem or a bad teammate.

⁃ He can play without being a distraction.

⁃ He can win a title without Lebron James.

Many feel Kevin Durant wants to prove some of those same things. Especially after watching former teammates Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green win another ring. Brooklyn being swept and embarrassed in the first round surely left a bad taste in Kyrie and KD’s mouth. They now have a shot at redemption, together.

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