Jack Flaherty’s Future In STL

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The St. Louis Cardinals have one of two positions on Jack Flaherty:

  1. He will re-sign during the 2022 offseason.
  2. They do not want to re-sign him.

It’s anyone guess which way the team is leaning. It seems unlikely he re-signs with the Cardinals, as previously, neither side has even discussed it. Obviously the lockout changes a lot, not everything, but a lot. Prior to the lockout there was zero discussion with Jack about his future, leading some to think it does not matter what STL offers, he’s out.

It’s been rumored for some time that Jack would leave the Midwest and head back to the west coast. It is not a secret that’s his preferred destination. His outspoken activism would be better received in California, than it would be in a mostly red-conservative Missouri. Similar to Dexter Fowler’s experience, a lot of the Cardinals’ faithful has turned off Jack Flaherty. The ‘Shut up and dribble” force is strong with this one.

Flaherty was open about his discontent with the team after arbitration. After winning his arbitration, Jack posted this from his Twitter account. Not a great look for the team, if they want him back. Hence the comment above, the front office may already know he’s gone. The Cardinals have the good fortune of knowing Flaherty better than any would-be signers, and could benefit from his sporadic availability the last three seasons. Once a starting pitcher’s health is called into question, especially annually – the market changes. Flaherty will still be a commodity, but at what cost? Is there a bargain to be had? Will The St. Louis Cardinals offer just enough to convince him to stay? Not likely.

Few would argue that Jack Flaherty is a top 5 young pitcher in all of baseball with Cy Young stuff. The injuries are the only question mark. To appease the fan base and potentially catch Flaherty and his agent off guard or maybe drunk – anticipate the Cardinals offering a mild 3 to 4 year deal, below market value; and Flaherty respectfully declining for the likes of the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels or Los Angeles Dodgers.

The departure of mentors, Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina means two less, massive bargaining chips for the Red Birds. If the lockout progresses, a nothing season almost assures Jack Flaherty won’t be a Cardinal when baseball returns in 2023.

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