Indie Wrestling Spotlight: Ninja Mack

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I grew up in the Vince Carter/Tracy McGrady era of the NBA, where slam dunks ooohed and aaaahed the crowd. The contorting of the body, top level athleticism to pull off these inhuman dunks made us jump out of our seat. Dare I say, Ninja Mack is the Vince Carter of wrestling.

Born in Long Island, NY, Brenden Mack ironically got his start at showmanship as a high flyer in the Circus, performing for shows all across the United States and Mexico, which led to his thirst to turn these talents into something greater, where he could perform and make his name for himself as a solo act.

Kicking off his career as Brenden Skye, Mack started his wrestling journey in Texas, training with Booker T & Low Ki, working for Booker’s indie starlet company Reality of Wrestling in Texas. Making his debut in December of 2014, Skye defeated Inferno Tiger at at Christmas Chaos IX to jumpstart his wrestling career, and continued to work for the company until September 2016.

It wasn’t until 2020 that Skye then transitioned to the Ninja Mack moniker, that he is rapidly making wrestling fans well-aware of today, working with companies Martinez Entertainment Lucha Libre Mexicana & Loko Wrestling.

Mack, who Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Kingen & Taekwondo background under his belt, has since been strapped to a rocket with Game Changer Wrestling, performing his high flying theatrics for the company a whopping 33 times (you read that right) since March of 2021, most recently defeating Jack Cartwheel at February’s “The Coldest Winter” PPV.

While “only having” 84 matches for his career, his pedal has been pressed to floor for the entirety of this young 2022, with a 18 matches already thus far, working with companies such as The Wrestling Revolver, Mission Pro Wrestling, MCW Pro Wrestling, Game Changer Wrestling, and continued shows for Loko Wrestling.

The Ninja Belly Flop is the new Vince Carter windmill jam, and this high octane top rope specialist is one of the most jaw dropping performers we have in wrestling today. If you hear Ninja Mack will be performing in your city, do not think twice on buying a ticket.

Below is one of my favorite Mack matches, against Low Ki from Loko Wrestling:

Ninja Mack

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