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“A deadline is a deadline. Missed games are missed games. Salary will not be paid for those games,” an MLB spokesman said after Wednesday’s bargaining ended. The spokesman spoke on behalf of MLB on the condition the spokesman is not identified by name.

So, what does that mean?

Welp, for fans it means we may not have baseball. For players, it means we may not have baseball. For owners, it means a little less money than what they would normally make, also we may not have baseball.

A work stoppage is bad for all, but if the players cave now, they’ll never reach their target demands, or get close. It is safe to assume the season will be delayed some. How long, no one knows?

Manfred, Manfredding…

The players are clear on one thing – if Monday comes and goes, and a deal is not made, the players will be even less likely to approve an expanded postseason.

A longer playoff favors the owners, almost exclusively. This is said to be one of the things the owners and players are furthest apart on. An expanded postseason puts more wear on a player’s body for the same salary. Postseason reward and compensation are the same unless otherwise changed; but as it currently sits, it’s just added games for players, but significantly more revenue for team ownership.

Rob Manfred has been very quiet, as has the head of the player’s union, Tony Clark, so it’s tough to know what is really happening inside. Meetings are scheduled to continue Thursday and through Monday. If a deal isn’t done, it is not a lack of effort, but a mountain of stubbornness.

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