Glory Pro Wrestling set to kick off GCW’s Collective 2022 with “Cemetery Gates”

Glory Pro Wrestling set to kick off GCW’s Collective 2022 with “Cemetery Gates” post thumbnail image
Glory Pro Wrestling – “Cemetery Gates”

WrestleMania week is upon us, and Game Changer Wrestling are making sure we have enough wrestling to watch before, and even during Mania, if WWE isn’t your thing. GCW is launching their 4th annual “Collective” event, which is in the vein of Woodstock/Lollapalooza, where instead of one continuous rock concert of scheduled bands, we get 12 consecutive live shows, between 4 different companies. The festivities kick off Thursday, March 31st, at 11am, and will go full steam until 11:59pm on Saturday, April 2nd. The shows can all be purchased & streamed individually on Fite TV throughout the weekend, (ranging from $10-$20) OR they are offering a bundle of all 12 events for $139.99, which would save you $37.

Being born & raised here in St. Louis, Missouri, it excites me to bring you the details of our kickoff show “Cemetery Gates” from Mission Pro Wrestling, for Collective 2022.

Cemetery Gates will get going at 11am Central, and will be $12.99 on FiteTv. The card and announced appearances as they stand so far, which I will update throughout the week up until the event.

-No Disqualification Match (loser must sell their house and move out): Dan the Dad vs Kody Lane

  • -Singles Match: Warhorse (#97 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 list for 2021) vs Josh Alexander (former X-Division Champion, and current star of Impact Wrestling)
  • -Singles Match: Tootie Lynn (Midwest Territory Champion) vs Janai Kai (#130 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 150 Female’s list for 2021)
  • -Intergender Match: Jake Something(#149 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 for 2021) vs Max The Impaler (ZERO1 USA Women’s Champion)
  • -Tag Team Match: Grindhouse (PWX Tag Team Champions, Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs No Remorse Corps (Former Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions, Davey Richards & Rocky Romero)

-Crown of Glory Championship Match: Mike Outlaw (Crown of Glory Champion) vs Bryan Keith (New Texas Pro Champion)

-Four Corners Match: Myron Reed (MLW World MiddleWeight Champion) vs Carlos Romo (Former Triple W Tag Team Champion) vs Shane Sabre (NSW Tag Team Champion) vs Danny Jones (King Of Chaos Champion)

-4-Way Tag Team Match for the United Glory Tag Team Championship: Technical Difficulties (former United Glory Tag Champions, Rahim De La Suede & Moses) vs Fly Def (VIP Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Warren J & Zack Zilla) vs Alpha Omega (Camaro Jackson & Kenny Alfonso) vs Hustle & Muscle (current United Glory Pro Tag Team Champions, Karam & Xavier Walker)

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