Game Changer Wrestling’s “The Collective: 2022” Show Times, Announced Matches, & more

Game Changer Wrestling’s “The Collective: 2022” Show Times, Announced Matches, & more post thumbnail image
GCW: The Collective 2022

Wrestlemania Week is upon us, and the fine folks at Game Changer Wrestling are back with their 4th annual “Collective” series, a unique, Woodstock-style wrestling “concert” of sorts. The festivities kick off Thursday, March 31st at 11am central, and go full blast until Saturday, April 2nd until 11:59pm. All of the events will take place at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

This year, we have 12 events, across 4 companies. 8 shows by host GCW, 1 by St. Louis based Glory Pro Wrestling, 1 by Texas based Mission Pro Wrestling, 1 by Unsanctioned Pro out of Ohio, and 1 from Indiana’s Black Label Pro. This non-stop cavalcade of battle and entertainment will feature many wrestlers performing multiple times, so if you miss out on one of your favorites, you may still get to see them again. To the casual fan, ex-WWE/AEW champion Jon Moxley, (formerly Dean Ambrose) 2-Time WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac, All Japan legend Minoru Suzuki, Matt Cardona and AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa will all be in action, with so many up & comers and Independent stars to see.

Each event can be purchased for streaming on Fite Tv, ranging from $9.99 to 19.99, and they are also offering a package of all 12 matches, for $139.99, with savings of $37 if you go that route. (Essentially two free events)

Most of the ticket packages are sold out, but you can still purchase tickets, here:

I’ll list the show times for each company/event (central time) with the announced matches below, with their price, in order of scheduled times. I will update throughout the week up until each event if there are any matches added/changed.

Thursday March 31st:

Glory Pro Wrestling: “Cemetery Gates” (11am) $12.99

-Warhorse vs Josh Alexander

-Tootie Lynn vs Janai Kai

-Jake Something vs Max The Impaler

-Grindhouse (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega) vs No Remorse Corps (Davey Richards & Rocky Romero)

-Mike Outlaw vs Bryan Keith

-Myron Reed vs Carlos Romos vs Shane Sabre vs Danny Jones

-Technical Difficulties vs Fly Def vs Alpha Omega vs Hustle & Muscle

GCW: Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport 8” (3pm) $19.99

-Josh Barnett vs JONAH

-Royce Isaacs vs Bad Dude Tito

-“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Yuyu Uemera

-Zeda Zhang vs Marina Shafir

-Timothy Thatcher vs JR Kratos

-Simon Gotch vs John Hennigan

-Ninja Mack vs Yoya

-Jon Moxley vs Biff Busick

-Masha Slamovich vs Janai Kai

-Minoru Suzuki vs Chris Dickinson

GCW: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6, Part 1 (8pm) $19.99

  • -Jon Moxley vs AJ Gray (GCW World Championship Match)
  • -Alex Colon vs John Wayne Murdoch (Ultraviolent Championship Match)
  • -The Briscoes vs H8 Club (Nick Gage/Matt Tremont) vs Second Gear Crew
  • -Blake Christian vs AR Fox
  • -Joey Janela vs X-Pac
  • -Mickie James vs Allie Katch

GCW: Planet Death (11:59pm) $12.99

-Hosted by Death Match Legend Nick Gage, also 1/2 of H8 Club

-SLADE vs Bam Sullivan

-Shane Mercer vs Neil Diamond Cutter

-Reed Bentley vs Hoodfoot

-Sadika vs Jimmy Lloyd

-Akira vs Cole Radrick

-Sawyer Wreck vs Brandon Kirk

  • Friday April 1st:

LA Fights vs JCW (Jersey Championship Wrestling) (11am) $9.99

-Alec Price vs Jack Cartwheel

-Nick Wayne vs Marcus Mathers

-Kevin Blackwood vs Cole Radrick

-Big Vin vs Juicy Finau

-Billie Starkz vs Sandra Moone

-Grim Reefer vs B-Boy

-Charles Mason vs Dark Sheik

GCW: For The Culture 3 (3pm) $13.99

-Tasha Steelz vs Big Swole (IMPACT Knockouts World Championship)

-HitMakerz (AJ Francis/Tehuti Miles w/Briana Brandy) vs Shane Taylor Promotions (O’Shay Edwards & Shane Taylor)

-AJ Gray vs Darius Lockhart

-2 Cold Scorpio vs Bryan Keith

-Hoodfoot vs Bill Dixon (Death Match)

-JTG vs Rich Swann

-Trish Adora vs MJ Jenkins

GCW: Gringo Loco’s “The WRLD on Lucha” (7:30) $13.99

-Pagano vs Sadika (Lucha Extrema Match)

-Dr. Wagner Jr vs Psycho Clown (Lucha Extrema Match)

-Psicosis vs Tony Deppen

-Johnny Caballero vs Jack Cartwheel

-Team Gringo (Gringo Loco/Demonic Flamita/Abismo Negro Jr) vs Team Laredo (Laredo Kid/Rey Horus/ASF)

-AR Fox vs Ninja Mack

GCW: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6, Part 2 “The Greatest Clusterfuck” (11:59) $19.99

-The Greatest Clusterfuck: Maven vs Jimmy Wang Yang vs Jazzy Yang

-“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs PCO

-Effy vs Minoru Suzuki

-Tony Deppen vs Biff Busick

-Chris Dickinson vs Matt Cardona

Saturday April 2nd

GCW: Effy’s Big Gay Brunch (11am) $13.99

-Effy vs Pimpinela Escarlata

-Keita Murray vs Billy Dixon

-Parrow vs Dark Sheik

-Max the Impaler(w/Amy Rose) vs Edith Surreal

-Jai Vidal vs Carlos Romos

-Pretty in Pink (Dillon McQueen & Kenzie Paige) vs Devon Monroe & Brooke Valentine vs Ashton Starr & AC Mack vs Maine State Poser (Aiden Aggro & DangerKid)

-Allie Katch (1/2 of Bussy) vs Dango

Mission Pro Wresling: Bangerz Only (3pm) $12.99

-Janai Kai vs Tasha Steelz

-Holidead (C) vs LuFisto (Mission Pro Championship Match)

-Bougie Reality (Madi Wrenkowski & Rache Chanel) vs KiLynn King & Jennacide

-JP Harlow vs Allie Katch

-Thunder Rosa vs Trish Adora

-The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kaye) & Laynie Luck vs The Renegade Twins & Jazmin Allure

-La Rosa Negra vs Jody Threat

-Masha Slamovich vs Lindsay Snow

Unsanctioned Pro: Mulligan (7:30pm) $12.99

-Alex Colon vs Kevin Giza

-Robert Martyr vs Charlie Tiger

-Billie Starkz vs Kristian Robinson

-Big Vin vs Casanova Valentine

-6-Man Scramble Match: Sam Stackhouse vs Hoodfoot vs Jake Something vs Ace Perry vs vs Everett Cross vs The Whisper

-“Fuck Jeffrey John Memorial Gauntlet” 3 matches, he has to win all 3, or he is fired.

-Tre Lamar vs TBA (Ohio State Championship Match)

-CMW (Lord Crewe & Dead Ringer) vs YOKAI (Yoya & Janai Kai) UP Tag Team Title Match

-“Speedball Mike Bailey vs Cole Radrick (UP Heavyweight Championship Match)

Black Label Pro: “Norm” (11:59pm) $12.99

-Faces of Fear (Meng/The Barbarian) vs Work Horsemen (Anthony Henry/JD Drake)

-Jake Something vs PCO (BLP Championship Match)

-Blake Christian vs Black Taurus

-Effy vs Charlie Haas

-Anthony Greene vs Alex Zayne

-Shazza McKenzie vs Billie Starkz

-Levi Leverett vs Big Beef (Texas Death Match)

-Warhorse vs Big Damo

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