Full Card & Event Info for Glory Pro Wrestling: Massive Aggression

Full Card & Event Info for Glory Pro Wrestling: Massive Aggression post thumbnail image

St. Louis promotion Glory Pro Wrestling are on an absolute tear in 2022, and they are looking to keep the ball rolling with “Massive Aggression.” AEW star Eddie Kingston has joined the ship this time around, and they have an exciting card announced. Event details below:

Sunday, May 22, 2022

3pm-6pm Central

2301 S 7th St, St. Louis, MO 63104

For tickets, visit: glorypro.ticketleap.com/massiveaggress…

Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for kids.

Event will be available to stream live and free on Youtube, courtesy of @iircade at: http://YouTube.com/gloryprolive


-Intergender Match: Laynie Luck vs Rohit Raju

In his last action here at Glory Pro, Raju came up short to St. Louis’ own Camaro Jackson at April’s “Live at the Pageant.” One of the best heels and workers in the game, he’ll be looking to show up Laynie and flex his muscle. The Party Unicorn also comes in on the heels of defeat in her last Glory Pro showing, coming up short in a 4-way match the same night. Laynie’s luchador skillset and high endurance matches are always a treat, and her and Raju should put on a killer match.

-Tag Team Match: Alpha Omega (Camaro Jackson & Kenny Alfonso) vs Jordan Oliver & Myron Reed

The road has been a little bumpy here in GPW for Jackson & Alfonso, as their solo success hasn’t matched their tag team endeavors, having not won as a duo together here since 2019. That is no slight to what they bring to the table, as The Quadfatha (Jackson) has been putting in major work in the gym and gotten himself in the best shape of his life, while Alfonso always gives us a high-flying act, wowing everyone each time he steps in the ring. Jordan Oliver is making his debut in GPW, but has quickly made a name for himself in Game Changer Wrestling, and you can expect a high octane performance from him. Perfectly matched with Oliver is Major League Wrestling’s Myron Reed, who is simply an all-gas, no-brakes competitor, and leaves it all inside the ring. This match will not disappoint.

-Tag Team Match: Grindhouse (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs Ethan Price & Jake Something

  • After an unfortunate bathroom incident, where Ethan Price was simply handling his business, and Grindhouse just happened to be right outside the exact bathroom stall in the middle of the day, hanging out, we have lit the fire for an exciting tag match. “Big Strong Boy” has been exciting crowds here in Glory Pro for quite some time, and comes in after an awesome opening match at “Live at the Pageant” against AEW’s Ethan Page. His tag partner couldn’t be any larger, as he’s bringing along ex-Impact star Jake Something. Jake loves to fight, is simply one of the best big men on the scene, and brings incredible charisma and agility to every show. The Gunslinger (Fitchett) & Vega have built quite an impressive heel stable with Grindhouse over the past few years, while making plenty enemies in GPW. That said, these two always put on a high octane match, bring out the best in their opponents and are top-level workers. This will be action packed from start to finish.

4-Corners Match: Blair Onyx vs Anakin Murphy vs August Matthews vs Rahim de la Suede

Here, we have 4 very different, and extremely unique rising stars mixing it up in the ring. Current ZOWA & RCCW Heartbreaker’s Champion Blair Onyx looks to spin her web inside the Glory Pro Ring. The Russian Spider is a graduate of Seth Rollins & Marek Brave’s Black & Brave Wrestling Academy, and is one of the busiest athletes around, having upwards of 30 matches on her resume already this year. Anakin Murphy is a true crowd pleaser. As the latest addition to Grindhouse, Anakin brings a emo-tinged dark persona, mixed with incredible athleticism and delivery. His kicks are some of the most crisp I’ve ever seen, and his and he pulls off moves most couldn’t dream of. August Matthews is one half of Chicago’s own tag team “The Bang Bros” (not the website, you sickos), and is a 5-tool worker. August is a well-groomed show off, and mixes a high flying arsenal in with tactician style techniques, and more importantly you can see in his performances just how much fun he is having doing this. Finally we have Rahim De la Suede, a St. Louis fan favorite and one half of tag team Technical Difficulties. Rahim and his partner Moses the Deliverer have been blessing Glory Pro crowds for the past three years, putting on show-stopping tag matches. The duo just recently had their run as United Glory Tag Team Champions upended, at an astonishing 238 days. This time around, Rahim is coming alone, and the suave strategist will be seeking victory for himself and Team Ambition.

  • -Crown of Glory Championship Match: Mike Outlaw (C) vs Warhorse

-Line them up, and Mike Outlaw has knocked them down. Currently on a 262 day reign as Crown of Glory Champion, since defeating Jake Something for the belt at August 2021’s “Down With The King” event, Mike has defended his crown against Rohit Raju, Josh Alexander, AJ Gray, and even St. Louis favorite, Davey Richards. Seemingly turning has back on Team Ambition, Warhorse looks to get some answers from Outlaw, and settle the score from Richards’ loss last month. Energy and charisma flow throw the veins of Warhorse, and this may be Outlaw’s biggest test yet.

-Midwest Territory Championship Match: Tootie Lynn (C) vs Shazza McKenzie

Similar to Mike Outlaw, “The Blue Dragon” has also had an impressive tear of dominance with her title reign. Since winning the belt at “Wrestlepocalypse,” she has defeated some of the best wrestlers on the scene, including “The Kick Demon” Janai Kai, the dominant force that is Max The Impaler (who took Tootie’s body to the limits), and Trish Adora, one of the most respected workers in all of wrestling. Her next test comes by way of Australia, and is none other than the Queen of Heartbreak Core, Shazza Mckenzie. Shazza is one of the most decorated women on the scene today, not to mention one of the busiest. She’s had over 30 matches already in 2022, and takes a bump better than most, and has an extremely sound mat-game. Her “Shaztastic Stunner” is one of the best finishers in wrestling, and Tootie will need to steer clear of it, if she hopes to retain the Midwest Territory Championship.

-No Disqualification Ladder Match: Kody Lane vs Dan the Dad (Winner gets the property)

This feud just keeps getting better. After defeating the Southern Flamingo in a “Loser Leaves the Neighborhood” match at “Cemetery Gates” in March, Dan the Dad thought he could finally cut his grass in piece, and enjoy a nice cup of dark roast coffee. Not so fast. Upon returning from a recent vacation, Dan the Dad was blindsided to find that his door key no longer worked, as Kody Lane now has a deed on his house, declaring that he is the rightful owner of this property. The Godfather of Law Ed Herman has decided that the only bureaucratic way to settle this, is to have a no DQ style ladder match, in which the winner is declared the owner of this property. This match is obviously set to be a show-stealing match of the night candidate, and I can’t wait to see who wins Dan’s/Kody’s property!

-Kings Road Style match: Davey Richards vs Eddie Kingston

Upon his last match in Glory Pro at “Down with the King” in August of last year, AEW Star Eddie Kingston promised he would be back, and he emphatically said the person he wanted to fight was The American Wolf, Davey Richards. As spoiled as we are already with this card, we are getting just that. Two of the most respected men in all of wrestling, these two have basically wrestled at every level of the sport, with as much success as any aspiring wrestler could hope for. After a 4 year hiatus, Davey Richards has been a constant in Independent Wrestling, putting on a spectacle with his incredible physique and in-ring talent, but also putting over so many of the young future stars of the sport. Between these two stars, they have won over 30 different championship belts, and their mutual respect and passion is enough to keep the lights on in the city of St. Louis by itself. The Mad King is one of the best talents on the microphone that we’ve ever seen, as well as one of the most genuine wrestlers to ever grace this sport. The King & The Wolf each bring 18+ years of experience and ring-wisdom, and we the fans are the lucky benefactors.

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