Cody & Brandi Rhodes leave AEW….What’s next?

Cody & Brandi Rhodes leave AEW….What’s next? post thumbnail image

Cody Rhodes, “The American Nightmare,” dropped a bomb on the wrestling industry yesterday. Early on February 15th, Cody and his wife Brandi announced on their social media platforms that they are leaving AEW, the company that they were both integral in helping kickstart.

The news has set the wrestling world ablaze, as Cody was an Executive Vice President of the company, while Brandi was the Chief Branding Officer. The son of the late WWE legend Dusty Rhodes, Cody was the star and recognizable face of the company for WWE fans, that helped ignite interest and viewership to the now weekly 800k fans that watch their Dynamite and Rampage programs.

Many inside the wrestling industry are already connecting dots that Cody will re-join the WWE juggernaut that he himself left in 2016. A laundry list of ex WWE wrestlers have left the Vince McMahon led tycoon to join AEW, while Cody would be the first to do the opposite.

Cody has tweeted in the past his interest in purchasing the independent company Ring Of Honor, which has featured wrestling stars such as CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Adam Cole to name a few.

So what’s next? Did Vince back up the Brinks truck, to bring back Stardust? Is Cody satisfied with the growth of AEW, and looking to tackle a new challenge with Ring of Honor? Are he and Brandi simply taking time off to focus on their newborn daughter, Liberty? OR is this the biggest work the wrestling industry has ever seen, and setting up the heel turn the AEW heads have been waiting a year for? Time will tell, but with Wrestlemania scheduled for April 3rd, AEW’s next pay-per-view “Revolution” set for March 6th, and Cody having a “no complete clause” in his contract, I think we will see our answer very soon.

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