Preview and Details for Capital Championship Wrestling: “Glory”

Preview and Details for Capital Championship Wrestling:  “Glory” post thumbnail image
Poster for CCW: Glory

What: Capital Championship Wrestling: “Glory”

When: Saturday March 26th, 2022 at 6pm

Where: 143 Broad Street, Houston, Delaware 19954

How to watch: Streaming available via the Title Match Network

While still very young in their independent wrestling lives, newly formed CCW, is an all-women promotion based in Houston, Delaware. They’ve got 5 events under their belt, starting with their debut “Fire in the Sand” in August of 2021, and are looking to keep the fire spreading with their second event of 2022 “Glory.”

Their big draw this time around, centers around a Gauntlet Match, which will crown an inaugural CCW Network Champion. They have been announcing the entrants one at a time over the past few weeks, via their Twitter account. This is sure to be an exciting night of wrestling, and I’ll list the women in the order that CCW has announced them below, with the rest of the card, as it stands.

Gauntlet Match for the CCW Network Championship:

  1. Kayla Sparks (@kaylasparks247)
Kayla Sparks

-Making her fourth stop in Capital Championship Wrestling, The Spice Ranger brings an unfair 19 years of in-ring experience, and a high-flying skill set to CCW, and it’s almost a guarantee that Sparks Will Fly.

2. Ashley D’Amboise (@Ashley_Damboise)

Ashley D’Amboise

-the second consecutive Florida native added to the Gauntlet. Trained by Damian Adams, Ashley has only been on the scene less than a year, but she has piled up 40 matches in that short time, and has already faced off against Brandi Rhodes, Skye Blue, Tasha Steelz, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa, to name a few. As explosive and strong as they come, she’s a name to watch.

3. Edith Surreal (@edithsurreal)

Edith Surreal

-A technical tactician, and inspiration to numerous fans across the world, the Pennsylvania native ranked #192 on the top 500 singles wrestlers in the Pro Wrestling Insider 500 of 2021.

4. Brittany Blake (@brittanyblake)

Brittany Blake

-Formerly know as Barricuda Blake, and making her debut in CCW, Brittany has already faced two tough competitors in Legit Leila Hirsch, and JC Storm this year, and has held titles in 7 different companies. She will be eyeing the prize to add an 8th name to that list.

5. Scarlett (@_ImScarlett)


-Tha Berzerker brings a level of intensity & ferociousness that will no doubt be unmatched, and can quite literally tear the roof off at any time. The vicious striker usually leaves the ring painted red, and that paint comes from her opponents.

6. Kat Spencer (@kat_spencer2020

Kat Spencer

– Trained by way of the Nightmare Factory (Cody Rhodes & QT Marshall) “Hit For Hire” is simply someone you don’t want to get stuck going one on one with. This is her 2nd match in CCW, and her look says it all. Come well rested.

7. Devlyn Macabre (@itsdevlyn

Devlyn Macabre

-The young Floridian (trained by WWE legend D-Von Dudley and current AEW star Jay Lethal) is making her 2nd appearance in CCW, and she will have plenty of aggression from her loss to the Renegade Twins at “Battleground.” Excited to see more of her.

8. Rebecca Scott (@therebeccascott)

Rebecca Scott

-Another exciting young wrestler, with some AEW work under her belt as well, Rebecca looks to propel her name into the wrestling universe as the 8th and final entrant of this gauntlet match. Per her Twitter account, she’s “coming back better than ever.

Rest of the Card:

-Singles Match: Savanna Stone vs Catalina Garcia

Savanna Stone (left) Catalina Garcia (right)

Here we have 2 young ladies (both under the age of 23) who are looking for their first victories of 2022. Both also have only had singles matches in Combat Zone Wrestling as well, Garcia losing to Trish Adora at CZW Limelight 3, and Savanna coming up short to Zoey Skye at CZW 23. Both women will be hungry to get back on the right track.

-Singles Match: Lufisto vs Willow Nightingale

Lufisto (left) Willow Nightingale (right)


The Canadian Lufisto has the most ring experience on the card, at 25 years, and that will without a doubt be a huge advantage for her against the young Willow Nightingale. The “First Lady of Hardcore” has already faced some impressive competition this year, in Masha Slamovich and Vita Vonstarr, and will be looking to use her experience and gamesmanship to her advantage. Willow however is no spring chicken, as she has 7 years ring experiece, and has been blazing a trail for herself lately, making multiple stops in AEW on their “Dark: Elevation” program , as well as appearances in Ring of Honor and Impact. She’s “The Babe with the Power,” and she will look to show us why come March 26th.

-Singles Match: Allie Katch vs Kamille

BREAKING: This match is now for the NWA World Women’s Championship Match!

Indie favorite Allie Katch somehow just keeps doing it. I feel like every event I watch, she’s on it, going 100 mph. Her stamina and strength always impress the hell out of me, and any match with her on it as an added treat. I had the pleasure of watching her just this past Sunday at “Good Times/Bad Times” here in St. Louis, via Glory Pro Wrestling, as she lost via disqualification, so you have to think some of that anger is still deep in her chest. WATCH OUT. Kamille, however, is the exact opponent to put that fire out burning in Allie’s chest. She is bringing over her NWA Women’s Title to the table, that she just won on March 20th at the Crockett Cup 2022, defeating Chelsea Green and Kylie Rae in a Three Way match. This may not be the main event, but it will damn well feel like it, and will be a Match of the Night candidate.

-6-Woman Tag Match: Christian Marie/Vita VonStarr/ Gia Scott vs KiLynn King & The Renegade Twins w/Kat Spencer

This much talent in one match should be illegal. Even though this is a non-title match, both KiLynn King and the Renegade twins are belt-holders in CCW, so it there is a very Title Match feel to this one. So, in that light, let’s meet our “challengers.”

-Christina Marie: This Powerhouse from Albany, does a Samoan Drop that would make the Rock jealous, and has a Spear that Goldberg would fear. She is currently the Number 1 contender for the CCW World Title after defeating Willow Nightingale at “Battleground,” so I think it’s safe to assume she will have some words and extra emphasis on her strikes when she gets toe to toe with current champion, KiLynn King.

-Vita VonStarr: While Marie is trudging forward after “Battleground,” Vita will be out to redeem herself. Her last and only match of the year so far was a loss at “Battleground” to LuFisto. The Ring of Honor standout is no stranger to the Renegade Twins, coming up short against them in a Fatal Four Way match at CCW “Blood in the Sand.” This experience and familiarity should come in handy.

-Gia Scott: “The Greatest Damn Woman” is one hell of a nickname to live up to, but the ROH Dojo graduate is living up to it. In four short years as a professional, Gia has wrestled 46 times, across 6 different companies. After winning the Women’s Title at MCW “Winter Blast 2022” against the dangerous Ray Lyn on February 6th, she has already successfully defended that title twice, and will be looking to show these ladies why she is indeed the “Greatest Damn Woman.”

And now, our champions!

-CCW Tag Team Champions: The Renegade Twins

The body of work these two ladies have put together in just 2 short years should be illegal. After debuting in Empower Wrestling they have been cleaning house in Mission Pro Wrestling (where they are ALSO the Tag Team Champions) to coincide with their current run here in CCW. They started their current reign as champions defeating Blonde Force Trauma to claim these vacant Tag Team belts, at “Battle of the Throne” last November 6th. (They later beat them AGAIN a month later in Mission Pro Wrestling.) These two are simply as tough as they come, and whether it’s Robyn or Charlette you are getting, you will leave with bruises.

-CCW Champion: KiLynn King

THE MOTHER. EFFING. KING. Another one of the hardest working athletes in the wrestling world today, KiLynn is quickly making her case as the premier, flagship athlete in CCW. In the opening tournament to decide CCW’s 1st champion. KiLynn went through Christi Jaynes, Masha Slamovich, and finally Willow Nightingale to claim her gold. She has defended that title once thus far, against Davienne, with her reign currently standing at 109 days. Simply put, to get to the top of Capital Championship Wrestling, you HAVE to go through KiLynn King.

With these 3, you are going through the absolute best of the best in Capital Championship Wrestling. Spark the fireworks.

CCW is currently still looking for a sponsors for a few of these wrestlers. If interested, contact them via DM on Twitter: @CCWAction

or by email at:

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